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Level 1 Trip that felt like so much more...

To first set up the report you must first know my surroundings I was in because I really believe why this Level 1 trip was so intense, and the funnest mushroom trip I have ever experienced out of any levels.

To first set up the report you must first know my surroundings I was in because I really believe why this Level 1 trip was so intense, and the funnest mushroom trip I have ever experienced out of any levels. This place is beautiful and secluded, with a tiny community of about 100 people, 1 store serves the town its gas, food, liquor, groceries, mail, hardware, and lumber. An old school that went grades 1-4 that is now newly shutdown is right around the center of town and an old gas station that hasnt been occupied in 50 years sits empty down by a clean, glacier fed lake that licks the shores on one side of the town, and a perfectly clean and clear river is on the other. Mountain rise up from all angles to create a big lush valley in where my cabin lies. It is springtime when this takes place.

The previous month I had purchased 8 grams of mushrooms and me and a friend of mine chowed 5 of the grams and got pretty fucked up, but interestingly enough not as fucked as I got the second time taking them, when i took even less.

I put the 3 grams that were left over in a safe place and left them there for the next time i returned to the cabin. A month later I came up again, and me and a friend of mine were bored and it was about 6:00 pm so we decided to chow the shrooms and see what happened not expecting 1.5 grams each to do much.

We walked from my cabin into the actual part of "town" which is about 1km away and about half way there we stopped on an old railway bridge to eat our shrooms (the railway is no longer in use). We ate our shrooms and smoked a joint and continued our trek into town. We got to the community outdoor ice/roller rink and there we found a few of our friends playing roller hockey, they had a 40 oz bottle of crown royal so we started taking a few shots, after about the 5th shot my buddy puked and I got really pissed at him because I thought that now the mushrooms wouldnt do anything being it had only been about 20 minutes since we injested them. We left that group of people and went out on our own again to see if the mushrooms would start to kick in, and kick in they did...

We first started feeling the effects sitting at the old closed down school, as we were having a cigarette sitting on the stairs we both looked at each other and started smiling and giggling, typical start to my shrooming experiences. We decided it would be fun to walk down to the lake and go walk on another train bridge (this one much much bigger 40 feet high x 200 feet long) that goes accross the creek that leads out of the lake It has a railing built on either side because these old railway tracks have been turned into a bike path so it looks quite neat. On the way down there I broke a shoelace and it was one of those pain in the ass breaks where your shoes wont tie up unless you have that extra piece on there, so I had to tie the 2 ends together and make a rather large knot in my shoe. We finally make it up there and by then the shrooms had really started kicking in. I look down at the cold dark water of the lake and something catches my eye, a perfectly smooth piece of driftwood on the shore, about the length of a sword, I look at my friend with a purplexing look and I bolt off to retrieve my find, and to my suprise he bolts off the opposite way for what at the time I did not know. I retrieved my sword and came back up on the train bridge, at the other end of the bridge in the distance I see my friend, he is standing there motionless, wind howling around our shirts and face, just as I, he too has a sword, so like chinese sword fighters we playfully fence, and for a brief minute, we become samari fighters. We got bored of that and for some reason I pointed out that We were in the very bottom left hand corner of the town, remember this, it is important for later. We went on our way and decided to go back to the school for a smoke, which was pretty much the center of town. By this time its starting to get dark (about 8) and we ponder what to do next, we decide to go on a little hike through the forest for a bit, we ended up walking to the river and sat on a large rock for a while marveling at all the different colours of stone, and how the water makes them so smooth, by this time its quite dark. Just then we hear something in the bushes, its big and its brown, and town is about a direct 10 min walk, im sure it was a bear because they are so common in this area and I see them all the time, but I cannot say for sure because we high tailed it outa there pretty fast, it was still fun. We go back to the school again for another smoke, it felt safe there, almost like a home base. As we sat and pondered I noticed hey we used to be in the bottom left of town, now we went to the top right hand part of town, we should go to all corners of the town! I exlaimed. So we set out on out third journey to the bottom right corner of town by the lake again, on the way down we stopped in the middle of the only paved road in town and decided to have a smoke in the middle of the road, for some reason I stuck my hands straight out 90 degrees from my body and just started looking up the street for a few minutes, then id turn my head and look down the street for a few minutes, we did this for a good 45 minutes before I just all of a sudden exploded with laughter, I laughed so hard that tears were streaming down my face and my nose was running uncontrolable, for what reason, I still dont know, I think maybe the scilence of such a secluded peaceful place got to me and overwhelmed me with joy, my friend asked me what i was laughing at and i replied "I dont know" and that sent off another laughing spat this time involving both of us.

We continued on our way and no sooner had we when my shoelace broke yet again! and in a different spot to, so I ended up having to make minor modifications to my shoe so it would still stay on my foot, and I know had 2 knots in my shoe and it was starting to feel quite uncomfortable because I had virtually no support anymore. We made it and found nothing to be very fun at our new destination so we continued on our way to reach the top left corner of town, on the way we made the most incredible discover one can make when on mushrooms, as we walked up the dark quiet gravel street, we saw in the distance what appeared to be a great big green and white striped magic mushroom, we ran up to it and sat and marveled at it for I bet an hour, it moved quite freely so we started spinning it faster and faster to make the colors of the stripes mold together, we got bored of this and let the giant mushroom be, but forever this find will live in my memory as there is nothing trippier than findind a giant 6 foot tall magic mushroom when tripping on mushrooms.

We reached our goal of visiting all 4 corners of town and were still shrooming hard so again, we walked back to the school to have a smoke, on our way my shoelace broke AGAIN!! now this was getting ridiculous I thought so I tried to tie yet another knot and all I ended up doing was making a birds nest of shoelace, my shoe was worthless, it barely would even stay on my foot, I decided this was not going to ruin the marvelous time I was having so I asked my friend I was with if he wanted to run barefoot through the grass to see how it felt, he agreed, as soon as i saw he had his shoes off, I ran and grabbed them and exchanged my crappy shoe, with one of his good ones and ran away with 2 different shoes on, I came back a few minutes later as all of this was to be a joke, and make him think I stole his shoe, he was still sitting there looking very purplexed and we agreed that we would make that a community shoe, that when my foot got really sore from wearing the crappy shoe, he would switch with me for a few minutes to ease the pain, this sounded good to me so I gave his shoe back and we had a good laugh at me running around with 2 different shoes on. I tried to roll a joint but it didnt work AT ALL! so we sat there and got into deep discussions about life and all that. Then i spotted someone coming through the gates of the school, it was 2 girls, but could not make out there faces to see if I knew them or not, they walked by us as we sat in the dark. The strange thing was I could not hear the words that were coming out of there mouth, it sounded like 1000 chirping birds, instead of english, I asked my friend if he was hearing the same thing and he say yes, they went to sit down at the opposite end of the school and then they stopped talking (or what sounded like chirping to me) My friend shouted out at them to say something and they did and again, all that was coming out was chirping, yet I could commuicate with my friend fine.

We didnt wanna go introduce ourselves because we were so fucked up so we left to walk back to my cabin. On the way back the sky all of a sudden looked so bright, the sky was perfectly clear, with millions of stars shining but I noticed no moon, well why was the sky so bright then? We stopped at the first railway bridge we stopped at when we ate our shrooms and smoked a joint and a couple cigarettes and comtemplated why the sky was so bright, we came to no conclusion, it baffled us both. I then realized that we were ending the night pretty much how we started it, sitting on this railway bridge, smoking a joint and cigarettes, this purplexed me, but I shoved it out of my mind and started home because my mind and body was starting to feel exhausted over the many adventures we took, the fun we had, and the deep coversations and theories we exressed. I made it home where I was so exhausted that I fell asleep pretty much immediately. The next day I drove into town and saw what we though was a giant mushroom, it wasnt a hallucination, it was one of those old metal green and white striped beach unbrella that someone had set out on the side of the road, too funny!

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