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Learning from other life forms

Mindset for the evening around 9:00 was calm, relaxed and relativley hungry.

Mindset for the evening around 9:00 was calm, relaxed and relativley hungry.
Preparation for the evening consisted of mild 8 hour fast, Dosage was 28 grams all chewed longer and finer than I would normaly chew regular meals.
The only thing that I added to the shroom experance was Chronic Budds. this did enhance the effects substantially
my body weight is around 160, male, 21 years old
Now on w/ the whole trip report, well I took alot, and loved every moment of it... now this was the absolute most theraputical exp. in my life. Honestly im not the same person I was 2 weeks ago. Not in a bad way at all i would like to include. there is nothing wrong with shrooms. they don't make you retarted as some paranoid people who assume these natural fungus is gonna make you a dope phine. quite the contrary is the case. I was an heavy drinker prior to this trip... NOW ive not felt the urge to drink. very amazing and revitalizing for ones spirtual well bieng. The onset for these baby's to kick in was about 20 min and lasted nearly 12 hours. A girlfriend of mine was also w/ me during the whole process as she guided me through meditation and the opening of all my charka
Energy points... Crown charka was fully open and seemed to be absorbing intense light energy from some other demension or life form. all my thoughts were clear time was all at once and no longer was I held by the boundaries of past, present or future. all memmory now matter when it happend was taking place simountanously.... visuals were totally holigraphic...... THEN I felt my pinal gland bieng activated this brought me to speak w/ a member of what I belived to be a member of an indogenious tribe possible in austraila. I was no longer in my body at this point, nor was I restrained by gravity or any physical limitations. This is all in my head... I was sitting indian style on the rugg in front of the couch... Amber was guiding my meditation very carefully as to not touch anything too emotional for me to deal w/ at the time. There was many people present w/ me who werent acctruly there physically. I backtracked my whole life. from before birth and into my future plans that I wasent sure of untel now. I decided to goto college and also recived an abundance of information on how I was to afford it. I was tought patience to the extent of bieng very upset for my short tempered selfishness in the past. I grew very close to myself and learned a greater respect for my family, and friends. I never knew what life was untel this day. and now I live. and from that day foward a new light has been present in the mist of my heart. I am no long depressed in anyway because of the clear path that was paved before me and my knowlede of my full potential as a child of my own inner intentions to succeed in life, more so im no longer confused by the everyday torment of stress that once plaged my soul. goes to show how a girl and mushrooms interact very well together, also amber is a Scorpio and my sign is Scorpio as well. This was the most intense love energy I have ever felt in the air around me. Literally feeling this girls waves of compasion encompassing my inner bieng. very interesting how she reacted the next morning... we smiled at eachother and spoke so kind in a way that I would imagine intelligent spirits would speak in a premortal existance type of setting.... But we were on earth... quite the nurtiring experance. I would like to say thank you for spending the time to listen to me out while I basically ran scandisk on my brain!!!

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