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Laughing Gas

I harvested my first homemade batch and eagerly looked forward to trying them out on Christmas night.

I harvested my first homemade batch and eagerly looked forward to trying them out on Christmas night. I ate six average sized fresh shrooms. My girlfriend was also curious and took the same amount. They tasted just like regular raw mushrooms and went down just fine. A long time went by before we noticed any effects. I started feeling a silly giddy sensation after an hour or so. I was trying hard not to break into laughter but the urge kept getting worse. We tried having sex but my girlfriend got pissed as I started giggling in the middle of it. We finally gave up and lied down on the couch while listening to some ambient music. About two hours into the experience I could no longer suppress my giggles and my girlfriend was starting to experience uncontrolled laughter as well. Everything seemed like a crazy joke and I started laughing my ass off till my guts ached and my eyes dried out from the tears. The laughter became contagious and my girlfriend succumbed as she reached my level.

I was hoping for some heady LSD like symptoms but found my thoughts too scattered to concentrate on deep thoughts. I felt as if I were really drunk and had downed a 12 pack of beer. The music only seemed like a distraction in the background. Being an experienced DXM tripper I maintained a positive outlook and just enjoyed the blur of reality I was experiencing. However, my girlfriend was starting to switch emotions and got bummed out over some past issues. She started crying uncontrollably and freaking out because she couldn't move her arms. I tried to keep her calm but the whole thing just seemed silly and funny. This went on for a few hours until we decided to get some sleep. I drifted off to slumberland and awoke fine the next day but a bit tired.

The trip was like a pleasant mix of being drunk and on laughing gas at the same time. I enjoyed it but was hoping for a more insightful experience. I'm not sure of the dry gram equivalent of my dosage but it must have been modest. Next time I plan on eating at least ten to twelve shrooms. I've been told that there is a big difference in effects beyond the giggle stage and I'm anxious to see for myself. My impression is that the psilocybin is harmless so long as you're in a good mood. There's no way I could have driven a car or held up in public though. I always try to take good notes while I'm tripping but found it impossible to write while under the shroom cloud.

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