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Latex Trip

I had returned home from the local shop with a bottle of orange juice, my two friends impatiently awaited my arirval.

I had returned home from the local shop with a bottle of orange juice, my two friends impatiently awaited my arirval.Tracey and Nikki had spent all day chasing up some bags of dried cubensis and we planed to consume these as soon as the sun had set .I live in a very secluded place with a lot of forrest around and my parents had gone for the week end . We all sat on the porch and watched the sun set ,at last light we swallowed the shrooms with a handful of vitamin C tablets and washed it down with orange juice .

About 20 minutes had passed and we decided to watch a movie, Nikki choose a porno from my parents collection called Lesbian Latex Lust and commented that it would be a laugh .10 minutes later a brief flash of red spiral patterns passed by the side of the TV , Watching two women in latex tease each other with vibrators made me very hot, but at the same time I felt embarrased as if i was some how on display, naked and spread leg just like ! the girls I was watching . Nikki turned to me and saw that the movie disturbed me then said ( don't be embarrassed if it turns you on ) then broke out in hysterical laughter.

The shrooms were coming on very strong .I went up to my room alone in deep thought about what Nikki had said, I came to the conclusion that I had to prove to Nikki that I wasn't afraid of anything . So I got dressed in a latex costume with leggings, full length gloves, crutchless panties, choker and a bra with holes to expose my nipples . I ran down the stairs to were Tracey and Nikki are watching the porno and showed of my costume I began feverishly laughing with excitement. It was right about this time when we began to peak, Tracy said she was frightened and that we had to go some were safe, the safest place in the house was my parents room so we made our way upstairs, every stair was a different color and pattern, the door seemed to breath and! take on a life of it's own and I hesitated to touch it.

Once inside I locked the door, every thing seemed to take on a look and feel of latex, I tried to tell Tracey but the words came out wrong resulting in a mumbling sound . mean wile Nikki was going through a box under the bed and Tracey was covered in sheets on the bed mumbling about something, I began exploring and found the entrance to my mothers walk in wardrobe this defied my imagination, with some exploring I found a box of sex toys, with more exploring I found a mirror ( mirrors are really trippy) and discovered that the latex costume I was wearing left me very exposed ( this turned me on ) and I began to play with a vibrator in the mirror teasing my nipples, I turned the vibrator on full and gripped it tightly between my legs.

I looked at my reflection and said " it feels so good " mimicking the actress from the ! porno we had watched , I burst out laughing, picked up the box of sex toys, ran to the bed and dumped them all over Tracey and Nikki who were playing around under the sheets " vibrators for every one " I screamed and broke out laughing again , I climbed under the covers clutching a pink jelly vibrator. Under the cover was a different world full of colors , patterns , 3D images and pleasure . After the intensity level dropped we all turned into a screaming panting heap of vibrators ,fingers, tounges and LATEX !!!! p.s the best girls night iv'e ever had.

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