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Knowing Dog

This isn't about a trip that I had, but about something that I saw about a month ago.

This isn't about a trip that I had, but about something that I saw about a month ago.

I live in Japan where MUSHROOMS are legal and a friend of mine had just ordered some from the Netherlands.

I had came home from work at about 6pm on a Saturday night and received a phone call from my friend. I couldn't make out everything, just something about orange juice, his computer's keyboard and a spring(?).

I knew that he had gotten his order and left for his house as soon as I could.

When I arrived at his house, I was greated by a wide eyed, smiling dude, who kept telling me over and over how he had spilt orange juice on his keyboard while he was peaking and how much of a bitch it had been to fix because of some little spring under the enter key.

The whole time his dog (a really cool bull terrier) kept bumping into me and every time I would look at him he would make a motion to my friend with his head. I know this dog well and have never seen him act this way. I am sure that the dog knew he was tripping (or something) and was telling me. This lasted for only a short time and after I ate some shrooms that my friend had given me the dog left the room and didn't come back. I had a pretty cool trip, but I didn't eat enough only about a gram or two, it was fun, but I didn't experience anything cool enough for a trip report, but man I'll never forget that dog!!!!!!! The MICK

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