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Kinda boring...

Well, this was my first/second time doing mush[The first time I tried them, it felt like I had just done some E and smoked a joint or 2, and it lasted for hours.

Well, this was my first/second time doing mush[The first time I tried them, it felt like I had just done some E and smoked a joint or 2, and it lasted for hours... So, I didnt concider that a mushroom trip]. I went with 3 of my friends to get our shrooms. We each got an 1/8th of trippy blue shrooms. When we had gotten them, we went back to my friend Chris's house, and they ate theirs. It was 6ish. I didnt eat mine because I had just called my mom, and I want aloud to go out, apperently I was grounded. So, I decided to not eat them and go home and get bitched at on shrooms. I eventually got to my house, about an hour later. They were tripping, and wanted to chil for a bit before catching the bus out to Jesse's house. So, we put on CKY3[Its the basis of the MTV show Jackass]. I had watched it on LSD, and had come to the realization that it was an extremly trippy movie, and they agree'd. They sat downstairs watchign the movie, i went up to talk to my mom and reason with her. So, after enough time talking to her, she finally agree'd into letting me go out that night[It was already 8ish, should of just stayed home(I had to be home by 12)], and ground me the next day.. So, I went downstairs to find that my friends had left. I went outside and saw them just leaving to catch their bus. I told them to wait cause I was gonna go with them to Jesse's to trip. I went inside, came out, and they were gone. So, I ran after them, eating the srooms and a peice of pizza while catching up to them. I got on thew bus, finished my mushrooms and waited. I was on the bus for about 30min, and then we walked for a bit. When I got to his house, things were weird... We went into his backyard, and things started to get weirded... No visuals, or anything, but nothing felt like it was in the right place.. Tree's shouldnt have been where they were, the plate in my hand shouldnt be the way it is... We were getting ready to leave cause we were there for a "long time"[Just about 30min]. We left his house to catch the bus, and on the way through the parking lot[He lives in a complex], I looked over at a truck that had a canoe on it, but I didnt know that untill i looked at it for a few minutes... We eventually caught the bus. The bus was a very uncomfortable ride back. When we got off the bus, we walked back to Chris's house. On the way, we saw one of my good friends, Mich, at his house. He invited us in cause we were on shrooms, and he wanted to laugh at us tripping. We went upstairs to his room, this is when it started getting bad...
We started smoking a bowl of salad[Hash and weed], and I was tripping. I was getting hot suddenly, then cold, then hot, then cold.. This went on for a while. After our bowls were smoked, I felt sick.. I needed water. So, I went downstairs, boy, that was weird. Got some water, and started going back upstairs. I looked at the steps, and they were curved downwards. Got back upstairs, sat down, stodd up, and went to the bathroom. Mich was jumping around, and was all excited that I was gonna puke. I could hear Jesse in the background telling him to go away from me, cause that would just make it worse, which it did. The room was spinning and twirling. I was getting dizzy, then BLAH. They were out of me.. I was feeling a hell of alot better. No more stomach ache, no more sickness feeling.. I felt totally rejuvinated. My bad trip was over, and I just turned into a tired S.O.B. I went downstairs, and Mich was still being a jerk and being annoying, untill he brought over a toy his nefew had. It was a mickey mouse thingy that played music that had a belt on it that played at a "movie". I saw it, heard it, and smiled from ear to ear. All I could say was "It's happy". The toy was happy. I looked at it, amazed for a few minutes, then decided I was to tired to do anything but sleep. I walked home, with Jesse, Chris, and Evan[the other guy we were with] came with so they could catch the bus. We walked and talked about how much of a bastard Mich was being. I got home, by myself this time, and still tripping, sort of. I was in my basement for a bit, then decided I had been down their for long enough, and I had to come up and talk to my parents before I went to bed. So, I came up here, and started watching 'Super Millionaire', which was really weird with the music and the lights and the whoa. I called my dog over, and petted her. She was fucked up looking, and had a weird feel to her, bacause of the fur. I stayed upstairs for a bit, then said I was really tired from walking and skating all day, so I said my goodnights, and went downstairs. I was awake, then tired... It was happening like the hot/cold thing. I layed on my couch, thinking of what to do next. It was now 11:30, and I was pootched. So, I got ready for bed, and layed on my couch, with blankets and pillows. I couldnt close my eyes, but I was extremly tired. I layed their for God knows how long, probably only about 10-15min, when I looked through my keyhole in the door, and I saw the lights come on.. They only go on when someone's comming downstairs.. I was not excited on this, it was so early, and I was in bed, i thought my mom would know something was going on for sure. But, she just said "You must be tired" and left. I was happy. I decided to transfer to my bed, and when I did, I still couldnt sleep. So, I turned on a trippy frog light I have in my room, and gazed at that for a while. The time was 12:30, and I was ready to sleep, so I turned off the light, and fell alseep right away. I had no dreams. When I woke up, I felt nice and new. Kinda tired from the night before, but nice and new.

This trip wasnt to exciting. I had no visuals, other than the steps and the van. I widh I would of had more to eat..

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