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Just another mellow night (1/4 E, 1G MM, 1G? Pot)

Grew and dried some home grown alacabenzi's.

Grew and dried some home grown alacabenzi's. Took 2 T3 several hours before, took 1/4 pill of E, grinded up a gram and stirred in OJ which was OK, but I had to keep stirring cause it kept floating. I took a shower just to help me relax. An hour and a half goes by and I'm feeling the body buzz, and thought confusion, difficulty speaking, some numbness, restlessness, but nothing visually trippy except rainbows around lights, but I always see those tripping, oh and tracers for like 10 minutes. My head just felt like I cleaned out all the clutter and I have more room. I take a few parachute hits and the weed made me feel much better, got rid of my mild nausia (sp?) I had. Started feeling a bit of the E too. Took a walk outside, and I felt great, there was a minute where I thought aliens were whispering in the bushes to get me, but I didn't care, I knew everything was OK. I was thinking my sister wanted me so I start walking back and she was waiting/looking for me. So I go back in the house, smoke more parachutes and watched some TV, but I kept looking around the room, staring at a Bob Marley poster. Then I went on my comp for a while, the wood grain on my closet door was subtly morphing, but nothing compared to higher level trips. Then after 5 hours I got tired and slept for 13 hours. This wasn't anything spectacular, just a great mood lift, which was exactly I wanted.

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