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it was fun...

i took shrooms for the first time the other day with my girlfriend.

i took shrooms for the first time the other day with my girlfriend... at first i was getting pretty frustrated because i was feeling anything... then about 40 mins later i started to feel all sluggish and dizzy... then somethin on my hand caught my eye... the hair on my hands and arms were all of a sudden grewing so fast it looked like i was turning into a mokey or somethin... after that was done, my arms started to melt... i remember my friends telling me they saw somethin melt also when they were on shrooms, so i figured it's starting to work.. it was the best trip i've ever had.. i remember lookin at my house and everything looked so big to me.. i was lookin at the moles that were on my skin and it looked like they turned into ants and started walkin around all over my body.. i was also sitting in my room, and on my curtains and my mattress there's pictures of flowers, and as i was starting at them it looked like they growing and blossoming off the material... and i swear it felt like my bed was floating... then, i had to go pick up my sister and when i walked outside it felt like i walked into a painting... the world looked so nice to me and it made me feel all artistic and shit.. i noticed how bright everything was and how much of a good drug shrooms are...

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