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Ist trip/ fresh wet mushrooms

Me and 3 of my good friends went shrooming a few weeks ago in my friends cow fields.

Me and 3 of my good friends went shrooming a few weeks ago in my friends cow fields. We all ate about 4 or 5 wet mushrooms each,straight out of the ground. In only about 25 min. I started to get a very bad nervous feeling in my lower stomach. Then all of a sudden i just started feeling really relaxed in my body, but at the same time i was talking non stop and breathing really hard, and unusual. i couldnt stop shaking. Everything started to get outlines and colors were brighter and blurry but i didnt really see anything. And i didnt actually notice that i was seening brighter colors. I couldnt think before i said things so words would just come out. Also i couldnt feel my mouth or my jaw! I kept touching my face and it was numb! a little after my peak(...i think,i didnt really know when my peak was) my dad called me on my cell phone and it was the scariest thing ever to be talking to my dad while tripping! I think i wasnt making sence on the phone, but i dont know. Anyways, my step mom came to pick me up. I tryed to climb in the back seet but there was already my sister and one of my friends in the back but i couldnt understand why i wouldnt fit. So i had to get in the front w/ my step mom! I didnt say one word but i was looking out the window and saw my friend waving in the side mirror. And for some reason i thought it was halarious. I was laughing so hard and trying to stop or hold it in infront of my step mom. And it didnt help that barney was on in the car tv and i kept hearing the singing! I made it to my room and layed on the floor for about 10 min. non stop laughing! Loud! Then i was facinated w/ brushing my hair, it felt like it was just comming out! Me and my friend stared in the mirror for i think almost an hour, and we were compairing our faces with fruits, she was a strawberry and i was a grape! I put on the headphones and listened to techno very loudly and it wade me almost go crazy! I was dancing and jumping around like crazy!We wernt hungry but we decided to eat anyways and i still couldnt feel my jaw so i spilt food everywhere trying to eat. Then we layed in bed not saying anything to eachother but we would blurt out wierd things every few min. for almost 3 hours. I have ate more shrooms sence then and will continue to! If u havent ate muchrooms you really should! There sooo FUN! I LOVE SHROOMS!


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