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Interactive T.V.

This trip was my first and only to date.

This trip was my first and only to date. I began with myself and one of my closest friends ingesting a few dried caps and stems. We passed the next hour in his basement which is a place that I always feel very comfortable and at home. Soon after, I was still quite sure I felt nothing as we stepped outside into the cool dark night for a smoke. I lit my cigarette and slowly exhaled. I soon noticed that when I would bring it to my mouth and put it back down there were trails. I grinned at my friend and accepted that my first trip was beginning.

After bumming around in his basement for another 20 min., we decided that a walk was in order. We strolled around his quiet suburban neighborhood for 5 or 6 minutes, not getting very far. We then turned around when we were hit with a beam of light. We weren’t sure what it was, but we suspected cops. Upon closer inspection, our worst fears were confirmed, it was cops. We disappeared into some foliage that was near the side of the road and began making our way towards his back yard were we knew we would be safe. We continued to traverse covertly towards his yard, we were about two steps away when another closer beam hit us. It was a cop, but to our surprise he shook his head and said something to the effect of just keep on truckin We quickly retreated to the safety of his basement to plan our next move. We agreed that it was strange that the cop had just let us run off like that. We pondered this over a few more caps and then ventured back outside to see what all the commotion was about. Sure enough there were more blue and red lights (we were now quite giggly). After analyzing the situation for a few brief moments, we came to the conclusion that his neighbors across the street were hosting a medium sized party. Apparently someone had called the police, and there were three cars there checking it out. The cop who had let us go obviously thought we were a part of this party and was being cool by letting us go. We watched in curiosity from the shadows of the driveway. We wanted to know what was going on, but didn’t want to be involved. My tripmate then commented that it was like interactive television That seemed to fit this segment of the trip perfectly. As I said previously, we wanted to watch (the curiosity was eating us alive) but we wanted no involvement with the police. We had no such luck. For the third time that evening, we were hit by a beam of light. hi boys exclaimed a cop who sounded like Mickey mouse. We walked towards the light that was blinding our huge pupils and then explained our story to the cops (leaving out the fact that we were tripping of course). It was soon cleared up and we adjourned back to the basement for a couple stems, a smoke, and some lemonade and the COPS TOO HOT FOR TV VIDEO. I remember thinking to myself how glad I was that our encounter a few minutes ago would not be on the sequel.

We were still tripping and now feeling quite adventurous. Things outside had died down now and we wanted some more excitement. We set off for another walk. We headed for a familiar circle that we have explored many times before on several other substances. Upon arrival, we began seeing things we had never noticed before. We talked for a while about an ugly addition that a neighbor had put on a house. We explored this circle for a long while, discussing landscaping techniques and exploring pathways that we had never seen before. It seemed like everything was beckoning us to learn and see, to experience it and know more about it. (If I had been that curious in high school I might have learned something.) We saw many things that night, we let our thoughts take the lead and followed them wherever they went.

Back in the basement later, we spent a few sleepless hours reflecting on our trip and other issues. I looked at the pattern on the ceiling and saw it began to crawl and change patterns as I stared at it. That was really the only visual experience I had during my trip. Then I fell asleep content with my experiences. Overall I enjoyed my shrooming, I want to do it again, with a larger dose next time.....Happy Trails !!!

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