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i understand insanity

well basically ive doen shrooms about 7 times with varying levels of trips.

well basically ive doen shrooms about 7 times with varying levels of trips. this trip in particular was an illuminating one. It was thefirst time i dropped shrooms and it was about 5 grams worth. I went to my buddy rays house for a huge house party, which ended up having about 200 people at it. About a half hour after i ate them, i burned a 4 paper joint with a couple friends in a nearby field.

at first i was just tripping and didnt know what wud happen. Then i looked into the field and stared into it for about 20 minutes. Everything broke up into triangles and my depth perception became two dimensional like a video game. I got my friend to bring me back to the party and when i saw all the people there i got scared. I walked inside and observed a bunch of thing shappening in the house, stuff like guys trying to pick up girls and people acting differently with people.

Well i decided it was bathroom time and i was feeling pretty anxious at the time. I look out the window and there are cop sirens. four cruisers were outside the house and at that point i was terrified they were after me so i hid in a closet for 20 minutes. Then i left and a girl im friends with got me to rays basement to chill out. Thats where i lost my mind for the remaining five hours.

i lost the ability to connect reality to my mind. I examined a seemingly inifinite amount of thought in a short period of time. I acted completely sober but inside my head i was answering complex questions and figuring out sociological issues. I decided that what was happening in my head is what those who go insane feel like. they are constantly answering questions int heir head and lose sense of reality. So i did the only logical thing...i wrote down what i thought was happening with the goal that it would reconnect my mind to reality when i read it. wow what a night, most people wouldnt continue doing shrooms after a trip like that but i ended up writing a book while i was on shrooms, and im only 18. have fun fellow trippers, be safe.

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