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i never want to leave

The first time i ate shrooms was pretty out of the blue.

The first time i ate shrooms was pretty out of the blue. I had always wanted to try them but never really had the opportunity. So one night, i met up with some friends, and we went to this appartment building where one of my friends was getting some shrooms. I decided to step up to the plate and buy some myself. I ate a little less than an 1/8 around 9 and knowing it would take about 20-30 minutes to kick in i had a couple of beers while my friend was driving us to some party. We made a piss stop behind some church on the way there around 930, and once i stood up i knew it was kicking in. At first, i felt almost as if i were stoned, but i had a total fascination with my hand as a contorted it in front of my face. Once back in the car, i let my friend (who was not shrooming) know that i was definitly starting to feel something. Within the next 5 minutes the world that would eventually became my alternate reality began to unfold. While stopped at traffic lights i would watch the cement on the sidewalks crawl into mosaics of turquise and green. Time began to slip away, and every time we began to move through traffic lights i would wish GOODBYE to all the friends i had made that grew out of the sidewalk. In the meantime the music started to dictate my emotional conscience in a way i had never thought possible. I always have felt a strong sense of enlightenment and beauty in music but there are no words to describe what this new-found musical euphoria entailed. With every song i was transmitted into a different realm where nothing mattered and time again had completely lost meaning. Everything began to make sense. Any question i had ever imagined was answered in every guitar riff or lyrical ballad. My future played in my mind as if it were on a movie screen, and at times all i could do was cry to show the sense of depth i was experiencing. Every so often i would scream aloud I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE, and at one point while at a gas station i burst into a hysteria of tears because i didnt want to leave the exxon, cause the drywall on the side was the most beautiful thin i had ever seen. The entire night, my friends were nearly in tears, in hysterical laughter at my tripping ass. I constantly would fight and bicker with them, denying anything that realated to reality and the physical world, as well as my complete infatuation with the meta-physical mirages and inanimate objects i befriended along the way. While my friends spent the entire night driving aimlessly from busted party to busted party, i unquestionable had the most spiritual and beautifully amazing experience of my entire life. Again, although it may sound cliche, there is absolutely no human emotion or combination of words to even begin to describe a fraction of the mental and emotional revalations i encountered. When coming down i became extremely irrational and bitter, indeed reaching the deepest depression i had ever felt, realizing i had to return to reality and the falsities of the world that i had just uncovered in my trip. After seeing the world in a completely new light and having the world significantly redefined in a period of 4 hours (even though it felt like years), reality hit me fucking hard, and it was not fun coming down. With a new definition of physical and spiritual life, the world seemed so insignificant to the broader scheme of the things. Nothing mattered, what is the point to the nonsense human kind has created? Everything around me, even my best friends, became so void and lacking of any actually meaning. This was probably one of the lowest points of my life, most likely because i had just by far reached the climax of my life at that point and time. Well, luckily, within a few days i was somewhat back to normal as i became more comfortable with the reality in which i existed and i realized that i infact could return to that world i had created again. Although i had recovered for the most part, i have never been the same since, i look at the world with different eyes and different ears...the world i had known before is simply now a figment of my memory and this new existence i lead is one of nature, clarity, and depth to see the truth behind our modern and digital society's facade.

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