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those purple trees

So, I wanted to do shrooms for some time and one night the opportunity finally came along so i took advantage.

So, I wanted to do shrooms for some time and one night the opportunity finally came along so i took advantage. My brother, who is 4 years older than me and a bunch of his buddies all chipped in with me to get a zip. Got the shrooms around 10 and immediatly ate an eighth and chased it with my 6th beer of the night. My brother and his boys all took em at the same time with me so we were pretty much on the same page, there was M, D, and O my brother and me. about a half hour later im sitting there watching animal planet and then it happens i look over at M D and my brother and just started geeking balls, i mean i could not stop laughing and neither could they. soon enough O walks in the room with the biggest grin on his face and joins in on the laughter. So there we were all geeking balls while watching animal planet and i started tripping out at my brothers shirt, which was orange blue and white stripes i couldnt stop looking at the pattern and how the stripes just waved into one crazy ass pattern and color. so after about 20 minutes grilling his shirt i grasped reality for a minute and told him to light up a ciggerette...well i dont know if you've done this while on shrooms but lighting a stog and just watching the end of it burn as you wave it around in circles makes you trip out more than anything cuz we went through a whole pack just lighting them and waving them around....it was a good time until we decided to take it outside which is when i started tripping the hardest. as soon as i worked up the strength to get off my ass and stumble to the door i immediatly saw a a million different colors and as we stumbled around the yard the 5 of us made the only strate kid staying at the house drive us to the near by soccer field at about 12 at night, 2 hours into our trip. so if you ride in a car on shrooms its the wildest car ride of your life cuz your seeing all different colors, stop signs are popping out at you while you try not to lose your mind wondering if your going to stop or not cuz theres like 50 other things going on in your mind while you look at the dashboard and watch the spedometer and wonder how the fuck a car works. but any way we made it to the field surrounded by trees. and can i say that night i saw about a million shooting stars just lying on my back for about a half hour, i also tripped to these trees who were ever so slowly waving in the breezy night, just glowing purple with a little bit of yellow coming off the tip of them and all under a full moon, the brightest i have ever seen. after that 1 and a 1/2 trip experience at the field we went our seperate ways and i went home before my brother walking in my garage so as not to wake my parents i made the mistake of shutting the lights off while i was in there and got lost for another 25 minutes. lets just say it took me a while to make it to my bed and when i finally did i saw the craziest things while trying to fall asleep. and that was my experience taking magic shroomies

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