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i fell asleep in the woods.

im 14 probably not old enough to do shrooms but i did em.

im 14 probably not old enough to do shrooms but i did em. i was with 3 of my friends at one of my firends house. his parents were away for 3 days and i just had 2.5 grams of shrooms. the trip started out fun as the walls were turing into patterns and i was seeing bright colors and hearing wierd sounds. then the trip became a lot more extreme. my friend put on a movie which was pink floyd the wall and that was the most craziest thing ever. as it went on the movie went to part when a kid put a bullet on a train track. that part freaked me out so bad i walked away from the T.V. pink floyd music was stuck in my head. i didn't even know what was happening and then i was wodering around in my thoughts so bad that i walked out of the house to take a walk down my street. i was wondering around my neiborhood and wasn't sure where i was until i ran into a place a new. it was a small beach area with a clearing over to the right in the woods. then i found myself wondering around the beach and then i walked into the clearing which triggered memories of hanging out there and stuff. my trip was really strong at the time and i had to sit down becuase my memories were building up inside of me. This is when something bad hapened . i was really tired and decided to lay down. i was looking up at the clouds seeing shit fly by. i didn't even know what was flying by. before i knew it i was somwhere else i was standing on my porch looking up at a huge tree . The tree just fell just like that right next to me and then that triggered another scene. i was in my room and it was all blue and shit. i walked out of my room and i noticed my house was like it was 4 years ago. and then i guess i woke up on the clearing near the beach completely sober. I was smeating and i felt sick. i guess idreaming about the tree and my house. i was walking back to my friends house when i decided to look at the time. it was 4:00 in the afternoon and my trip started at 8:00 in the morning. when i got to my friends house they were not there. so i went into the bathroom and puked my brains out. after that i felt good but wierded out. i called my friend but he didn't even know where he was so i hung up. i guess i was the only one that finsihed triping at the time. that was the most weridest experiance in my life.

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