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i dont know what happened

ok this is kind of a disapointment.

ok this is kind of a disapointment. yesterday or the day before id say i had a good 3.5 of dried (what looked to be psilocybe cubensic) mushrooms. the dealer i got it from (who is fairly well regarded in my city) claimed 2 grams of this stuff was so intense it made him quit mushrooms. my first time ever doing mushrooms, me and my 2 friends each ate .75 each and id say we were fairly into level 2. now back to the other day, at lunch time during school me and my friend decided to finish off what i have (about 1.7 each). i had a ciggerette and 2 hits of a joint and i hit a popper bottle (but i didnt smoke the whole popper). about 30 minutes after eating all of the cap and stem we started to feel mildly odd....you know the feeling. i felt like i wasnt really where i was seeing where i was. so i went to math class. i started to get a REALLY bad feeling, and a big stomach ache like "oh no what did i do" and this kept getting worse. eventually i started to yawn and in desperation i thought "maybe a yawn will make me feel better" and beleive it or not it did. my stomach ache was instantly gone and i felt as though a wave of warmth and comofront swept over me, causing me to be very very social and talkative. i was also having mild visions out of the corners of my eyes. but this feeling lasted an hour or so untill next class, no where even close to how i should have felt after eating 1.7 of "killer" mushrooms. overall, i think they just sucked.

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