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Household myiopia

The items consumed consisted of approx 1/2 gram Psilocybe cubensis Matias Romera strain mushrooms.

The items consumed consisted of approx 1/2 gram Psilocybe cubensis Matias Romera strain mushrooms. The quantity is only a guestimate, I would even push to say it was closer to 1/4 gram but I have no idea.

It was my first harvest and these were the only ones in the drying chamber. I had just gotten back from a big camping trip and I wanted to check em out. Straight ingested on an empty stomach. The taste wasn't as bad as I'd always heard it was. This would be only my second time ingesting mushrooms, and the first time I did em, they tasted like honey roasted ham. My wife and I then headed out to do laundry. Mild onset after about 45 minutes, things got really slow.

I spent the rest of the time in the laundrymat feeling very wierd; Everything seemed to be moving really slow and I became concerned that I may have taken way too much, having no means to weigh those babies, I could have just ingested 5 grams for all I know. I wasn't to worried, and simply floated through that whole laundry scene as if experiencing time lapse photography.

We got home, and my wife became aggitated; our roommate and one of his friends had basically partied all weekend and trashed our apartment. She started cleaning and I got caught up in it, feeling almost like a supreme force was guiding my desire to clean. Almost like it was a purification ritual. I was still experiencing that slowing down of time.

Then it ended pretty apruptly, I sat down at the computer after all was done and cleaned, and... nothing.

Dissapointed, I'd almost label it a level-1/2 ... I did discover that that evening I had a HUGE migrane, and I wonder if perhaps that is the result of not taking enough to pass the 'hallucinogenic' threshold. To quote, "Too much is always better than not enough."

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