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Third Eye

On December 12 1999 Sunday.

On December 12 1999 Sunday.....I ate 5 grams of Self grown shrooms. During the trip which was not that strong (possibly due to the low temperatures that the shrooms were grown in) I wrote down the following Information while under the Shroom mind state influence. The first point was the following......

"Focus the self into the 3rd Eye and give oneself happiness"

The point of the strategy is to feel the situation. Self is focused at the gate of the soul where one looks at all of creation. There lies individuality and the true identity of the self. One is focused and happiness is given. It all becomes one focused event into the gate of the soul, The 3rd "Eye's". THE GATE OF THE SOUL. Follow THE SELF and the TRUTH shall set you free. The self is the soul. At the gate of the soul is constant conciousness, concious through life and death. It is a constant experience and the self becomes centered and ONE at the gate of the soul.
Truth becomes happiness.
Follow, the light is truth.
Self is focused as one even when it is divided.
The truth is one self.

Truth focused at the point of life.
Truth becomes the memory.
Truth is the moment.
Memory is the self.
ONE is Constant.

After I've focused myself, No doubt to this....


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