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Hot stabbing cigarettes

I ate about 5 grams from a unknown hook up and wasnt sure what the hell they were.

I ate about 5 grams from a unknown hook up and wasnt sure what the hell they were. I definentally learned my lesson. I was at a party in a rave room with about 8 friends. me and all my friends were supposed to trip together but it ended up i was the only person who ate em.We started to smoke out of the 3 foot bong also as i started to intensly trip. Every lit up a cigarette after we smoked out.I was in the corner of the room about 7 feet away from the circle of friends.So they started to mess with me ofcourse
cuz i was the only one tripping. So they turned off the lights in the 10ft by 10ft room.And suddenly all 8 glowing cherries from the cigarettes expanded to about 10 times the size about an inch in front of my face. This is when i lost reality and my bad trip came.They were spinning their cigarettes in fronof me and suddenly their laughs became very clounish and they started to ash on my head and make sounds of whales, lions, cows, dogs, every animal i heard was very distinct.Then they were stabbing my arms and legs with their glowing cherries and my whole body was in severe pain from the burns. I started to cry and scream and swinging at people. I felt like i had no control over my actions and 50 thousand thing was going through my mind.As this was happening someone turned the light on and "what fuck". My friends werent even near me and werent even smoking any more. They were raving on X and i wasnt even moving as i thought i was panicking and screaming and kicking. I then asked them if they really did what i thought they were doin and my bad trip went away, they played Bob Marley and my trip was good again.

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