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holding on to one thought for eternity

alright it all stated on a friday, me and my friend alex decided to go shroom hunting.

alright it all stated on a friday, me and my friend alex decided to go shroom hunting. we went to the nearest cow pasture and picked about 10 shrooms p cubensis to be exact well this would be the first time i ever tried shrooms well my friend alex didnt want to eat any because he had a bad day so i just eat all 10 of the bastards at first about an hour prier to eating the shrooms i started to feel a little strange nothing big just a lot of laughter and bright collors. so i smoked a joint to ease myself and it made the laughter more intense, me and my friend were throing the football to each other and then we went inside to watch south park this is when my hole world got turned upside down i started to feel real anxiest and every thing looked differnt some what like a cartoon like world wher every thing seems like a game. i remember looking at the tv and seeing cartmans face on south park and it looked like he had 4 eyes and ther foreheads wher streched out of proportion and then i looked at my freind alex who's face looked sort of like a 3d image of a rat then i decided that i was going to go get something to drink so off i went into the kitchen ,wher my mom wanted me to wash the dishes i remeber droping one of them and hearing the shater eckoing through my head this is when i started to feel uneased about something this is about 3 hours into the tripp and i thought that if i took a bath it would help,man was i wrong so i went into the bathroom and got in the tub. the water looked strange and cartoonish so i put my head under the water and this is when i freaked out, i started to hear what sounded like a dog barking in my head when i heard this i jumped out of the bath and started to get real scared. i looked into the meror and i could see that my pupils in my eyes wher the size of nickels , thin i looked at my hands they started to shake feroushly or so i thought it was like my hole body was shaking but i asked alex after i got out of the tub and he said i wasnt shaking at all these freaked me out i know that it looked like my body was shaking but it wasnt strange huh. well an hour passed and i was still freakin out thinking that i was never going to get out of this forean world.and lingering on to one thought for what seemed like eternity. this was about four to five hours into my tripp which was the plato of my experience i serously thouth that i was going insane and that i would die. so i tried to watch a movie cant remember what it was but any ways i got bored of the flick so me and my freind smoked a blunt this is when i had a real intense visual halucianation ,i saw two shadow like figures with eyes moving toward me in a swaying kind of patern i had this real paranoid thought that they wher demons coming after me but i looked again real close and i could see that it was just my sisters dogs. i then tried to calm down because my heart was rasing real fast ,nothing more after that except brighter colours and a bit of a strange feeling still. so i dicided to go to sleep when i woke up the next day it was like it was just a dream a destint memory that i had forgotten but was still ther in the back off my head i would say it put my life for me in a different perspective not in a bad way but like every thing in life before my experence was put in a new form and made me be thankfull for what it was and how every thing now for how it is .

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