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Helpless Death

It all started out so simple.

It all started out so simple. My crew and I getting ready for the massive 4:20 party in minnesota. We had a our shrooms in hand as he left and laughed as we drove away from out other buddies who had to go to prom that night. We ate the shrooms so they would kick our asses while driving on the 1 hour trip. For a while things were cool, the basic pre shroom jitters everyone gets. Then came the weed and it hit me hard. I was getting sort of naucious but things cleared up as we got to the party. There we listened to Ralph Lauren and the other mad dj's who spun there music to my mind as though it was a nessesity.... then chaos hit.

I was in the huge sports complex as the rave environment of lights, smoke and people engulfed me. I had no contorl of my self. I tried to walk over to the wall as everything in sight flashed black and red before my eyes. I couldn't make it... i collapsed on the floor with people eyeing me from ther spots. I knew I had to get up and move, and I finally made it. Countless people ran up to me begging me to give them what I was on and I knew my body and mind were giving up on me. I tried my hardest to utter the words "..help me.. help me.. " but no one could understand. I was at a stage very much past the feeling of sickness.... the feeling of death. I made it outside as someone helped me out... i again collapsed and couldn't breathe.... my arms would not move and my body was shaking. I had no sense of what anything was and could not believe that I was going to O.D on shrooms. From that poing on I was beginning to pass out and just thought to my self that those were going to be my! final moments of my precious life. Tears would not come but where all around me.. i was dying and could do nothing about it. I would have done anything to get help from anyone, even the pigs who walked around the complex... then black hit

** needless to say I'm not dead, but that opened my eyes up much wider as I look at life for my self. I still remember the feeling and is one of the only things I fear more then anything in my life. Please, if your going to shroom, make sure you will have access to help if total chaos hits you. Whether it be a friend, a phone, or a pet. Have something that will save you.

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