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Happy Trails

It was my first real experience with mushrooms.

It was my first real experience with mushrooms. It wasn't a very powerful one, but very enjoyable. Felt almost like a sample of bigger and better things to come. I definately thing I'm prepared for a full blown psychedelic voyage now >:)

Twas this past friday night. About 11:30 or so...4 friends started on our ~1.5 hour drive to this rave in the middle of nowhere. We hopped in the car (I volunteered to ride bitch.. aka in the middle in the back) and left Baltimore. Halfway through the ride i decided to quaff the mushroom tea i had prepared earlier.. ehhh taste wasn't that great.. but not toooo bad >:)

After about half an hour i felt a little strange. Sort of a giddy feel, like i just had to get outta that car and have some fun.. raaaa.. i was ready to do some dancin'. My stomach started feeling a bit strange but i managed to burp it off. We were driving through some rather low mountains at the time and i decided to look out the window and check out the scenery. WOW.. very mysterious feeeeel... kind of indimidating actually so i decided to la my head back and look out the edge of the back window at the stars and noticed how the big dipper looks a lot like a blowpop. neato >:)

I looked out the front and side windows again and wow.. I finally had the first Open eye visuals i've seen on any drug. The white reflectors that were on the metal guard railing on the side of the road started leaving blue trails. NEATO! I guess my 'experience' was finally begining. Strange cuz i didn't feel intoxicated at all like i thought i might. I was totally clear headed.

We parked outside the building and i finally squeeezed outta the car.. oh man what a beauuutiful night. we entered and all of the colors were much brigher and i felt so.. oooo giddY! my friends were paying the person at the door and i was jumping up and down like a kid saying 'cmon cmon lets go" hehe.

I got in and was almost immediated greeted by a friend who was rolling for his second time. hehe you shudda seen him. He gave me a HUUUUGE hug and his smile wore off on me as i ran out to the dance floor. wow! the most amazing lights i've ever seen. The colors were brighter than I was used to but what really stood out about this experience was the emotion. It felt somewhat similar to E. VeRy interesting and enjoyable. Everyone else dancing around me had huge smiles on their faces, the lights and music were so amazing and i just felt so connected with everyone! >:)

The effects didn't last too long and after they faded I spend most of the rest of the night/morning sitting back in the chill rooms listening to some great ambient music with my eyes closed.

A very pleasany experience. Not very powerful though. Next time I'll up the dose quite a bit >:) anyhoooo stAy safe, and KeeP spreading that peace love and happppiness everywhere >:).. see you guys in the spirit world

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