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it was 10/7/02.

it was 10/7/02...sunday (its now sunday still...at 11:30 pm)...i ate them at 1:30 am...this was my 1st trip......i was tripping by myself...i planned to go outside for a while after the effects kick in....but it never worked out...i was sitting in my room for a half hour listening to music waiting for stuff to happen...at 2 i started feeling a light drunk feeling...and feeling real good and id start laughing to myself for no reason at all...i got up to walk around my room and looking at things to see if they were moving or not so see if they were kicking in strong...but not yet....i decicded to smoke a bowl, my brother said it was good pot...i grabbed an insense to light and i turned off the lights and was making tracers with it, that was cool...then i proceeded to smoking....after smoking the bowl i felt like shrooms were alot stronger than before...and then the phone started beeping...the beep it beeps when someone pushes the page button to find out where it is...and that saaaaved me....cuz i started putting away all the pot and my pipe and took the towel from under the door and then my mom walked in asking for the phone...and when my she asked what the smell was i just told her it was the insense i took from my brother and had going...then 2 min later i felt like i had to piss so i walking out and saw my mom sitting on the stairs and i thought she knew id been smoking pot and all i said was "what..." and she said she just called my brother and he said "im in a wierd situation and dont know where i am, i cant talk right now"...he had taken half as much shrooms as i did about 30 min before me....i found out later today that he was driving around down town lost and that there was no one on the the streets...but he found his way home after a while....anyways...after talking to my mom in the hall for a min i walking into the bathroom and i didnt have to piss anymore.....so i went back to my room.......i was so angry that she got home when she did cuz i wanted to go outside so bad....but i was stuck in my room....i think it was about 2 30 now and i got on my bed and started playing final fantasy 8...lol, and i sucked alot of ass.....i was in the garden before you go to the party thing at the srat of the game and was supposed to meet quistis(spelling) in the fighting place or whatever its called where they have monsters walking around and i got in a fight with some plant thing and i kicked its ass in two hits...and then i got into another fight after than with 3 of the same things and i started laughing cuz i figured they were mad at me for beating up there friend....but i summomed a GF and kicked their asses too...then after than i stopped cuz that games magic and GF thing was too damn complicated while of shrooms....i was too confused...i figure this was the peak of the trip becasue i was getting really messed up and my water bed was wavy as hell...so thats also a reason why i stopped ff8....so after than i got my notebook and stared writing stuff on a piece of printer paper that i already had a picture in the center of from one of my earlier stoned times...and i was writing from the outside inwards so it ended up being a big spiral inwards of crap i was righting for the rest of my trip about all the things i was thinking....while writing i had my music off and my window open and nothing else on...it was really nice and i felt so good....better than ive ever felt....i could hear everyone else in the house talking about stuff and it was pretty crazy cuz i was on the second floor and they were all somewhere below me....sometime durring writeing i heard the front door open and somehow i knew it was my brother...and i heard him talking downstairs a few min later and i laughed at myself for being right....so for most of the trip i was just sitting and thinknig about everything....at 4 30 i had to piss really bad so i got up to do that, this is the 2st time ive stood up since 2 30 and i was stumbling all over the place...but i managed to get to the bathroom and piss for what seemed like 5 minutes....then i got back to my room and smoked another bowl...i was kinda pissed cuz i didnt feel any effects of the pot....i guess one bowl wouldnt do much anyways after being on shrooms for 3 hours....it took me over an hour to pack the bowl....it was crazy....after smoking i got back in bed and watched TV for a few hours until 8...and then fell asleep....and woke up around 6, same day....with a HUGE headache....oh well....thats my story, hoped you few people who might read this liked it...and i hope the shrooms im growing turn out good with no contams so i cant take a higher dose and get to level 4 or 5 even....and hopfully at a time my mom wont come home and mess up the plan i had....


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