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good times/bad times

the first time i did shrooms wasnt the first time i did shrooms.

the first time i did shrooms wasnt the first time i did shrooms.i was 2 cautious so banged a couple into a pot noodle but i didnt want 2 get 2 fukd so i left it at that.had the chuckles 4 a few minutes that was it.Now the next time i did em was sumtin els.Did bout 3 gram with a mate who wasnt doin any.he left and a few mins later up i came giglin my ars off 4 wot seemd like hours.then feelin up 4 anythin rang me mate ol back up seein if he was comin 2 the cinema.he was and came round to pick me up.wen he came round the buzz had started 2 wer off a bit so we chonged sum more,him 2(me another 3 grams him about 1).within half an hour those fits of giggles kicked in again and we went 2 the cinema.in the car we smoked a joint and halfway through i started 2 feel strange a great sense of dread had crept in out of nowhere and sudnly i wasnt feelin 2 hot.not relishing the idea of being stuck in the cinema 4 the next 2 hours i sugested doin somethin else, but not feelin the effects like me, ol was adamant on seein underworld.We bought sum tix and by this point my legs were jelly.i remember thinking that food mite b a good idea and bought a big fuck off popcorn.handing it 2 ol i sed i needed a piss and went 2 the loo.wen i came out he was nowhere 2 b seen.i suddenly got v scared and felt like i cudnt do anythin on my own but sumhow i found the right screen.i ended up sittin next 2 the aisle which at the time seemed very necessary but was soon surrounded by strange people.i new i was in 4 a strange 2 hours.however nothin cud hav preped me 4 just how strange.gon was the constant gigglin and blissful awareness.now i was way 2 aware and this trippy film was comin on.the sound in that cinema is loud at the best of times but my hearin wasnt workin properly and about half an hour later i cudnt hear anythin.my hed was so full of thoughts,realisations and awareness of myself, the univers and how were supposed 2 interact.this wud hav been fine laid in a meadow on a hot summers day but this shit was dark!the best way i can describe it is if ur on ur ps2 and your character/vehicle wotever encounters a glitch.ive dun it myself on gta3 wen ur man suddenly is able 2 walk through wall or falls through the floor endlessly til u rset.this is in retrospect just wot my experience was like.the confines of the environment i was in didnt seem 2 exist and if only i cud hav reached a wall i cud hav walked thro it

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