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good times

It started off around 10pm, some friends and I got together at my place when we decided to take some shrooms.

It started off around 10pm, some friends and I got together at my place when we decided to take some shrooms. I'd say we all took over an eight each. Didn't really pay much attention. I was tired and just got home from work, but was very excited and anxious. ofcouse, it always works out this way...but I hadn't eaten much through out the day. After gagging over the taste of them, we decided to smoke a few bowls and chill. My body started going numb, wasn't sure what was going on since this was my first time shrooming. Everything went black all of a sudden and I don't remember much of what was going on. I ended up in my bedroom with my other friends. While gazing at the neat colors of my clothes in my closet and how they would wrap around me and felt so soft....things went black. The power had gone out. I WAS STUCK! My clothes started attacking me, this little 2 by 8 box seemed like it was never ending. I was running from the room. As I was screaming, my friends grabbed me. I didn't know where i was. I was scared to shit. I ran out of my room, and out the door. Since I lived upstairs at the time, the hallway leading down was pitch black. Something was at the bottom, monster things, that i would never decribe or know how to. I didn't want to go down the stairs but something was forcing me to. Once i made it to the bottom, i began to cry. Not knowning what was going on. Once i calmed down, my friends and I decided that would should go for a little adventure. Pretty much just walk to streets. It was raining lightly, didn't care one bit though. Even though I had a tank top on, i was warm as hell. There was 4 of us. We started off all together, after realizing this may not look to great four people cruzing down the street at 12am..we split up. My fiance headed off with my best friend, while I headed out with the other. We can across this house. I swear we sat in front the this house just staring at it for probably 2 hours. There was a fountain in the front yard, with a little cementary. A little child was sitting inside a stroller. (it was fake) I kepting calling to see if it would come to me, ofcouse it didn't. I was scared for the child. These hunch back people we staring at us from the front pourch as we watched the diffent colors come off the fountain. We headed on on our. Meanwhile, (they told me) my fiance and best friend were cruzing the streets. As they were talking they saw these two people walking towards them. Thinking it was us they yelled out to them. As they became closer, they realized it wasn't us. It was two huge REAL grown man. He said"WHAT THE FUCK BITCH" "WHAT IS YOUR NAME" my fiance replied with the name JOE...trying to be funny. That's when shit hit the fan. The other guy continued walking while his friend decided he wanted to start some shit. I'm sure you can imagin how that would feel. Well anyways, it was a funny night filled with all sorts of stories. We were not prepared, should not have split up, and made may may mistakes..oh well though.

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