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Going Blind

It all began one night when a friend of mine got these really strong shrooms.

It all began one night when a friend of mine got these really strong shrooms. There were four of us and we had no place to go and trip so we headed out to a party spot we have in the woods. We broke up the shrooms and we all ate about 5 grams. We lit up a bon-fire and sat around it on a wooden bench. I strarted tripping really hard very quickly.

When I closed my eyes I could see myself sitting on the bench like I was floating above myself. I kept on seeing these close-ups of my face pulsating and there was a thick liquid coming out mf my eyes. This made me feel sick and so I decided to keep my eyes open for the rest of my trip. When I opened my eyes I couldn't make out colors or shapes to well. All of my friends looked like gray outlines and peices of them would disappear and then reappear. I thought that I was going blind. I tried standing up but the back of my legs felt numb and I kept on falling into these trees. When I looked up to the sky the stars were pulsating with my heartbeat. The clouds looked like fish skellatons swiming across the sky. I was tripping so hard that I don't remember everything that happend that night. The only thing I said the whole night was "I'm so fucked up", and believe me I was.


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