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General Giddiness

So the discussion about "heroic" doses being macho bullshit got me thinking.

So the discussion about "heroic" doses being macho bullshit got me thinking... I gave it a chance, on Saturday night. I took about 2 (dry) grams of potent S. cubensis caps and stems. I ate one little mushroom straight,and gagged on the taste and the way the dry stem stuck to my teeth. I then powdered the rest and added it to a pint of grape juice. Went down much better...

This was the first time I've ever had a completely nausea-free mushroom trip. The only different parameter was that I "decided" not to get sick, not to expect or wait for it. Maybe it works...

It was about as un-profound as I expected also, though much more fun. I walked along the Clark Fork River (which cuts my town neatly in two), admiring the fine path and park system the city has built. I studied wildflowers, the ripples in the water, and the incredible Montana sunset (180 degrees of sky visible, purple mountains about 2 miles away). It was definatly a euphoric, ecstatic experience. While watching my green sneakers float down the path, I remembered that someone here a few days ago talked about the "ancient" sense on mushrooms... Sure enough, the dust patterns looked like mayan statues, pyramids rose out of the ground for a second, and I was surrounded by people in colorful garb. It went away as soon as a bird flew by, leaving a streak of blue and a pleasant humming sound.

Here's another interesting occurance... I was at one point holding and drinking a glass of orange juice. While tasting it and looking at it at the same time, I lost all sensation of physical existance except for the taste in my mouth and the color in my hand. Only orange juice existed, in two seperated yet connected places.

Much of the trip was just wordplay and laughing with my companion. Imagine our response when in the middle of an empty field, surrounded by the last wildflowers (autumn is definitely in Montana already), we found 2 recliners, in nice condition. Of course we sat down and watched the mountains for a while. They yellow chair was better, we went back the next day to get it but it was gone.

I did have a mild sense of the "other" being present, more like a sense of being watched. I never forgot my name, or my species, and did not travel through time or perform othersuch psychedelic stunts. To my dismay.

And so while I had an entirely enjoyable (and therefore inherently worthwhile), I still believe that a large dose is required for me to achieve the truly interesting effects. Maybe I'll have more "non-heroic" doses in the future, but the rest of my mushrooms are screaming to be devoured collectively... Maybe with rue?

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