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geeze you guys

First and foremost, this is a sort of a trip report and I hope you post it on a messege board or something cause I can't.

First and foremost, this is a sort of a trip report and I hope you post it on a messege board or something cause I can't.
Your site taught me certain things that I value and have well employed. Yet The types of trip reports you choose to post are often just plain silly, and or badly written. I've written 2 reports as of now(that were not posted), and I am wondering if neuro-shamanic tradition, or the truth of the matter is just over your heads. People don't need to be ignorent to be interesting ya know. The reports you post sound like kids in a hallucinogenic candy store. As if people wont read something if it's not extatic, unexpected, "cool", and most of all, ordinary,(as opposed to spiritual, poinient and scientific).
You must think people would rather read about some gaunked out hippy on some MDMA-driven shroomy concoction, than a serious scientist who wants people to actually read their report for a reason. Don't worry, I wont write you guys again.
Realize though, that your web site is a sort of a joke/commentary on western civilization as it exists now., and a sad story to those who take these things seriously, objectively to the extent which it can be observed correctly.
For example, and only one example, you don't even specify what dose ranges constitute a "level one" trip. Hows bout some objective information for once. You have throughly blurred the line between these catagories by posting all moronic reports.
The volume of reports on your site that insist such subjective chemical reactions to a drug helps destroy the eternal axiom of the fungi and it's teachings.
To specify, the perception of those who are experienced and understand the psychosomatics involved, .5-.9 grams comes on hard and causes "the laughs" in most uncontrived personalities, uncovered through time dialation and or foreign tactile,visual/ligual-phenomena ect, schyzotypal-sychronistic events, geometric patterning, etc, faint to terrifying audio visuals, etc, musical enhancement/teaching.
1 gram dried causes changes in language formation, complex visuals, synesthesia, all of the prior facets but accentuated, and should do so even for the less-most experienced, and dumbest/least observant individuals.
4-5 grams should plummet anyone into full and true mushroom intoxication along with uncomforitable but necessary physical manifestations, if it doesn't, im sorry but you guys should exlude these reports and I hope you know why.
For those out there who feel the need to take much more than 7 g. at one sitting, im sorry you should disreguard there reports too because they didn't get the point sooner, because this is a blatent miscommunication between conciousness and another, those people need to stop, (for a while), think and read. This stuff can be more powerfull than you could possible imagine before you die. To digress, so very powerfull, and if it takes you more than 6 grams to get off, your not getting there(to the finite end, best place) the right way. At that point one might have such a ridiculous tolerance to this stuff that they could just as well turn back, forget this stuff because it's not for them,(you).
OH and More than 8 grams, your definately a half wit yet seeking a valid excitement, which I hate to read about, yet I also dislike saying, it is a sort of paradox to me, it is animal like but also valid, but only in the right light seldom attained by those participating in such dosages.
so you see my problem with the fact that you didn't post my reports, and why I rant so.
This is my take on cyber space anyway, and I hope those who read this, further question things outside their body, as well as them selves more closely.

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