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Well, this specific time would have to be about my 10th time trippin' on mushies.

Well, this specific time would have to be about my 10th time trippin' on mushies. I'd always taken peoples advice on how to use mushrooms (don't be alone, no public places, etc..), but I decided that I'd start doing some of my own experimenting. This wasn't exactly planned(actually, it wasn't planned at all), and it may not have been the best idea now that I think of it, but I did it.

So, I had 1/16oz of some really good shrooms. I have to wake up around 5am to catch the city bus, and then take it across town and transfer a to a second bus so I threw the shrooms in my mouth, chewed them up, and kept them in my gums (like how people use chewing tobacco) for part of my ride to school. When I was about to school it had been approximately an hour since I had first put them into my mouth. From my previous experiences, this was much longer than usual and my stomache was empty. I was bumbed and thought that the 1/16 wouldn't be enough to trip. I began walking off the bus and suddenly got this very rubbery feeling in my hands and legs, and my stomache felt funny. I knew I was coming up.

By the time I sat down in my class-room I began to worry that I wouldn't be able to do my school work, and people might suspect something. I'm generally considered one of the more dedicated and intelligent students (hmmm..on second thought, I might not be THAT smart...), and so I figured I could use that to my advantage, but very luckily a substitute teacher came in. I was happy because my reality could have been intense note taking for the entirety of my class period. I began to relax because substitute teacher. First thing I did was look down at my stomache because I felt hungry, and different patterns began to dance and move around on my grey hoodie. I tilted my head back and shapes and figures began moving around and shaping themselves into different objects formed by the dots on the paneled ceiling. The burber carpet consisted of many intriguing patterns also. This trip was less of an intellectual one, as I've experience more often, and more of a visual, stoney, and happy trip. I'd laugh at most things and I held a nice big grin on my face. While I was spacing out, appparently the sub was going around having students read a paragraph of the text. I didn't even realize I had the paper on my desk, but I struggled for a minute to find out that it was my turn to read and I studdered my way through the tiny paragraph. People gave me a funny look because I was acting different than usual, and so I just kept my secret to myself.

In my second period, I had to meet with my program coordinators (I'm in a program for motivated and "smart" highschoolers) for a seminar. I was cracking up at the things people were saying, and generally not paying attention to their demonstrations. I realized a lot of things about the people there. I began to dislike one coordinator because I thought she was evil. The other one, I practically adored and loved. There was one hot chick there that I felt like having sex with behind a desk, or something (I didn't really care where). The guy sitting next to me, which I hadn't talked to since the beginning of the quarter, - I suddenly felt like we were best friends as I carried on a nice and hilarious conversation with him. I'm still good friends with him to this day. I had to explain some of the computer science studies that I'd been conducting lately, but I had a hard time remembering exactly what I had been doing. That part sucked. I felt like everybody was staring me down, and I'm sure I looked like a complete idiot. I didn't care that much afterward, but it was intense at the moment. Soon the period came to an end, and I moved onto my next.
Fortunately for me, I recently transferred to this school (hence why I have to go across town), and I don't really know how or why, but I was in a shitty art class (easy, but it helped me to survive the rest of the day). Art was extremely relaxing, and I was seeing some pretty neat things in the imagery, but my visuals at this point were pretty weak. I had been slowing coming down, but the trip helped me to strengthen my bonds to some of my long despised class-mates. I'm generally a kind of quiet, and anti-social person. People's behavior annoys me to the point that I have a hard time being around some people at times (N.S.Syndrome? heh). By lunch-time I was reminiscing about my trip, and how wonderful everything was. That small dose was perfect. I've taken quite a bit more in some of my trips, and if I think about it, I get a really tripped out, intense, and confused experience that ends with my coming down extremely fast, and I feel the shitty withdrawal effects. My good feelings lingered for days, but sooner or later I had to tell my girl friend that I ate the last bit of the shrooms she left at my house. Buwahahaha... It's okay though, I'll pay her back. I suddenly remembered that I took the shrooms because I was getting extremely irritated by people, and I needed a new good experience with them. Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea. I've had many high dose trips, but small dose trips are just as fun, only in different ways.
Woa, thanks for reading my lengthy story. Shrooms are fun, even at school. Heh..

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