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Fun With 1 Gram

20:12 "Sandy" and I ingest 1g each of dried shroom material in aquias solution with MgSO4 disolved there-in.

20:12 "Sandy" and I ingest 1g each of dried shroom material in aquias solution with MgSO4 disolved there-in.

20:18 Some vague somatic sensations, twitching left leg, slight vibrational build-up in chest area. Breathing just begining to feel altered. Vague, almost unnoticeable nausia and adrenal stimulation. (this could be a result of projecting my own expectations into the experience. Darkened room, light music (Orb Peel Sessions)

20:25 Pulse rate up, can deffinitly feel some atleration of consciousness. Visuals begining.

20:57 The automatic light comes on behind me like a sun rise and the trance is over.

20:58 I am in profoundly altered state. My hands are two beings who live at the ends of my arms. They are quite happy doing whatever I ask them to most of the time. They like to be keptwarm. My rigid thoughts are forcing me to keep this regemented style of writing up. I glance over to "Sandy". She looks extremely beautifull (*laughter, bubbling laughter from where ?*) She is about to inhale nitrous gas, she does, I do, I laugh, so THAT'S why they call this laughing gas !!

21:33 Time has just evaporated, it feels like a few minutes since I wrote the above...Remembering how my primary school teacher took us to watch the Royal wedding of lady Diana Spencer and The Prince of Wales. In my childish mind, it seemed like a fairey talein some vast kingdom far removed from me accross the sees.

Words flow from the collective. The gods are at play in the fields, an awareness born of nothingness. The cell is not aware of the body, and the body is not aware of the cell. A computer can never stimulate itself. Infinite regression, singing sounds to themselves, suckling at their own breasts, giving birth to themselves, the superhive, the eternal being, the Super Self being suckled by itself by themselves, by itself. Seeing themselves, their WHOLE illusion, being always nothing more than reflections of itself in themselves. The mirror never sees the mirror never sees the mirror never sees the mirror, only reflections, reflections, reflections, infinite regress. Theuniverse loves drama. Is this what all the poets, Whitman, Blake, the others, were trying to say ? "Feel the power of the greater being, feel as it comes !" How can I say this and stillsound sane and serious?

The sleeper sleeps, and plants mushrooms in his dreams. And when he awakes, he goes seeking the mushroom, and when he finds it, he eats it, and dreams. The dream and the dreamer are one.

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