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fun times

i was staying at a fiends house the night befor we rolled hardcore.

i was staying at a fiends house the night befor we rolled hardcore. after we awoke from our adventure rollin. late the next day!we wanted the fun again so we tried getting more rolls. nope couldnt get.so we desided to then get some shrooms. we gatherd our money and bought about maybe 80 dolars worth on top of bottles of dramamines(12 pills like 3 hits of acid,motion sickness pills)so befor we got to the dealers house we stopped to get the dramamines from the gas station! there was five of us we each got a bottle and each downed 12 pills takes maybe 30 minuets to kick if you smoke a little weed. so we smoked a blunt by that time we were at the dealers place we were already trippin from the pills we hurried and paid for it took them there we didnt really have anything so we just dipped them in vanilla icing tasted ok! we eventualy deside to have our adventure in the car road trippin! we in the car,me confused and cant comprehend anything i was mad because i was not trippin at least i thought after mumbling and yellin i take a look out side my hearts racing and i feel just great just admireing nature grass,tress,the sky!!!!! clouds made evil and happy faces. the trees breathing! then down the long ass road i see people not ordinary people the freakin maufia! i stared closer and closer they were coming for us two fat men in trench coates with guns so i really start freakin out tyrin to conroll the trip i feel the rolls coming back the pills real intence and the shrooms man to much!my head was freakin out! so i tried my best to tell lil ash my best friand but she was the way i was feeling as well! so the guys deside to smoke another blunt! to calm us down! we stop at a park to swing well just play! getting out of the car was an obsticle in its self i couldnt imagine playing reteaching my self to walk in my head we all stubble around then we got the hang of it sorta!we all laughing hysterically and run to play. as i was climbing to the top of the slide it was getting higher and higher! then after what felt like an hour i reached the top lookin down scarred i just do it people standing around the bottom clapping well i thought so i went down the slide my stomache in my ears! reach the bottom and it was differnt senery i was freakin lost i was at sobody eles house talking to a fat man on the toilet that i didnt even know.then i felt pulling> and voices eventually i awoke looking around i was on th ground infront of the slide my friends saying that hit you took nocked you out so i guess when i went down the slide and hit the ground a knocked me out from there we smoked a lil more so in the circle justins turn all laughing he takes a hit then a lil choke then he puked evrey where it was so gross but at the time we all laughed so hard we were crying!they gave me and ash a ride to my house we had school the next day we got in went to my room tried avoiding my mom. i had to sleep school was the next day ash didnt sleep. i lied down thought i was sleeping. awoke the next day for school ash lookin like hell said i scarred her last night becuase i was yelling evil things at her. but really it was me still trippin thinking i was dreamming. thats basically it! be careful no need to take to much but my fav. is rolls and shrooms!

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