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Fun First Trip

Hi there yall.

Hi there yall. Ive been wanting to do shrooms for about 4 months id say when i finally got my hands on some. I bought one chocolate bar which had 2.5 grams in it. I ate it at about 1130 and was overwhelmed with anticipation. I snuk out at twelve and went to my friend johns house. about the time i got there (12 or so) i noticed the trip coming up. Things were loooking very wierd outside so we proceeded to go in and watch the wizard of oz while listening to the dark side of the moon(supposedly the cd and the movie are perfectly synchronized but i didnt spend to much time looking at the tv). About a half hour later id say the trip reached full intensity. We started smoking hookah which was great. Then they all went to the other side of the room while i sat there with the hookah. I looked at this trippy poster that was on the wall which happened to be about shrooms. It started moving around and when i was looking at it i started thinking deeply about what shrooms would do to my thinking. It felt really great to laugh the whole time by the way. At about 1 i think my friend zach came over with some hott ass bitches. They smoked bud but i didnt want to since i heard it like dims the shrooms or something. i was just sitting at the hookah and then i looked at the bed and it just started zig-zagging around and i found it hilarious! At about 130 the ladies left(two of which were on shrooms)and we went downstairs and ate food and talked about fights and shit. then we watched tv untill 330 while the trip came down. I went home at 330 cuz i had work the next day. That was basically the trip and it was alot more fun than it sounds. When i went home i decided to smoke this nug i had to try to bring the shroomness back up. I didnt get the real shroom feeling but i started really hallucinating. it was pretty cool. well anyway thats it. i bought more the other day and next time im goin for 5 grams. Im pretty sure next time ill actually hallucinate instead of just seing walls move and little sparks. Thanks, have fun shroomin.

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