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fuck yeah!

this is all i know,what happened!

this is all i know,what happened!we were hunting for a while,they finally were there i found them,such joy.zequi and me(Eli) went to the beach,it was my first trip,he said there was screaming involved so we needed someplace people wouldn't see us.i started feeling sick ,i ate like about 7 or something.we sat on the sand our backs on the tree i didn't feel shit,and then i look and the sand and it started moving like if there was something underneath it I'm like no shit fucking tremors ! and i heard voices like little people voices and sounds.then i looked it was a rainy day fuck the wind ,i could hear the wind a thousand times more i could hear it talk and the waves,then i heard another voice one i didn't like,it sounded like the graveworm CD,I'm like shit,what the fuck,we put the words together ,something was saying "come to me" and we looked back we were getting closer and closer to the water like if it was pulling us I tried not to get freaked out,as long as our heads lay on the tree we are safe,the tree wont move right?

Laughters lots of it.and then it started raining!i mean really raining i was fucking cold.so yeah i got up and i hadn't since i sat down,why did i stand up!i went fucking crazy,ruining around and around,we couldn't go to the car,so i hid on another tree ,felt like hobbits !i remember all i could hear was space,like dimensions,weird noises just like the pink Floyd CD,shit was asome!
there were times when all i would do was scream and we found this empty boat and i sat on the sAND with my head on the boat,fucking boat! i couldn't move away from it then,zequi tried pulling me i would just scream and held on the boat and say NOOOO!ZEQUI told me he thought he was loosing me so he pulled ,me tight threw me in the sand looking up,and i suddenly woke up,afraid dint let me grab the boat if he wouldn't of done that,I'd still be holding of the boat,i think.what can i say i saw colors,i think it was when the sun hit my eyes,i had them closed but fuck i didn't want to open them,and when i did,nah id close them back,i was tripping in colors and voices,and i was cold as well.its hard to explain,i could feel everything around me a thousand times more,i mean everything,it was a good experience although the screams of terror i dont even know why i was screaming,zequi kept asking me what i was seeing?,what i was hearing? ,because if i didn't tell him,he couldn't help me,i wasn't seeing my face but it looked to zequi that i was going insane,i even hit my self on the boat a couple of times with my head,to get rif of the noises!and he held me so i wouldn't hurt myself.after a while it was so cold it was unbearable,i couldn't even walk(i get cold really fast)he had to help me walk and finally we went to the cozy car,there a lot more i just cant explain..i dont know if we felt like this because it was the only thing we ate the shrooms,or because of the weather,or the place we spoted out to be(the beach)but ouh shit,shit was kool,can't wait to go hunting again!

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