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Flying and the Jedi Force


hello...i recently drank some awesome Soma,..I ordered Fly Agarics online, as usual..I crushed up 30 grams..boiled some milk and mixed with Honey. If you mix the caps with milk, instead of water,..it does something magical..always use milk and honey..not water..a small part water is fine. I prepared my mind..drinking to enlighten..and perceive spirituality..not to get high..for that always weakens the experience and abuses the sacred Manna. I believe I put a little white willow in there too. I broke the bread, the day after Good Friday, Saturday..drinking slow, testing the mushrooms vibrations and energy..since it was blended. They were Very powerful..only a few sips and I almost instantly noticed their power, like 10 to 15 minutes. It is a good idea to drink water on the side. I puked quite a few times, cleansing my system and de-detoxifying it..allowing the mushrooms to do their work..this is why the water is a good idea..you don't want to waste time in the sink dry-heaving..then it was over, the bad part..and the Awesome day had begun..I thought to myself after my last puke.."This is going to be an awesome day"..
I finished all the Soma about two hours in..re-filtering it through a few more times..It was my first time drinking the soma for a while, so my body/mind wasn't used to it..Then, like thunder..things began to happen..I started to notice, day after day since then, I am extremely sensitive to certain forces..and have new powers!! They are awesome!..I can tell exactly when someone is going to arrive..predict a matter..I can feel all the energy and vibration of helicopters or cars nearby and electronical things..I've been taking it day-by-day for a while..and have become attune to its vibration more.
In other words..I'm not getting sick because I'm getting to know it. It is Very powerful in the Force..things were even flying in the air at work the other day..like briefly. My chakras seemed to have increased incredibly..and my thoughts..are amazing..I am learning the power of the force now..Fly Agarics are beautiful..and very powerful..my dreams became very real for a few days..I was flying for like a week off 30 grams..I felt Very ancient. The Sun seemed very old..There was a sarasvati rain before the arrival of the shipment..There was thunder..there was lightening..the clods have been amazing p until even now..a week or two later..I'm going to fly again soon..just like waiting a week to get to know the Force some more..I'm going to order these beauties all the time now, when i can afford them...they are ancient..they are powerful..like the beginning..long live the Fly Agaric!!..screw the mcimol! its all about the ibotenic acid!!

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