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Fist Time

Very first time i took shrooms was the wierdest thing ever.

Very first time i took shrooms was the wierdest thing ever. I had met this kid at night school and we desided to get high we hung out for a few weeks and started to talk of the drugs we had done. H told me that he triped of shrooms all the time and i was like ok.. cool i want to try that out, so we set a date, when the day came we picked up some other kid never met him b4 but he was cool, we then when to my friends house (very small trailer) and hes giirl friend was so we took her to pick the shrooms with us, took us about 2 hrs and we brought half a bag back of shrooms, so i ate one and so did everyone the rest we boiled in water and then when they was done we put an icetea bag in the hot water, let it sit foor a min or 2 to let the tea taste get int he water and then we drained the shrooms and poured in our glasses about 12oz. we put ice to cool down the water.
I asked my friend and the other kid if it wasnt to much since it was my first time, they was like nahh so i was like ok fuck it, then we all dranked up the special tea =) we smoked 2 joints, i started to ask them questions cause i wasnt fealing nothing or seen nothing, they was like ahh dont wory ull get chinese eyes when it starts and ull feal like trowing up. I was allready fealling dizzy from being high, i whent out side and tried to puke but nothing came out, i came back in and it was really dark in the house cause of the sun from out side, i looked at the clock and it was 9:45am i sat next to my friends gf and then i looked at everyone and they was all quite, and then i looked at the kid and hes eyes where all streched out like a chink.
I started to laugh and b4 i knew it they all started to laugh at me 2 cause they said i had chinese eyes. i started to rool another joint but i was shaking to much and i couldnt brake the weed up so i let my friend do it, it took him a long time and i really didnt want to get high no more so we let the joint sit there i started to look around and we all keep hearing music but it was country music and not one of us likes that kind of music, so we whent to check on the radio and it was off.. we then when back and smoked the other joint i was allready triping balls cause the carpet was moving like an ocean, while we where smoking the weed i looked at the clock and it was 10:45am then i looked at the tv and saw cartoons and i didnt pay attention to it, i keeped smoking and then my friends gf jumped and i was like wtf cause i got sacred i didtn know what was going on exept that i was smoking my joint, i really didnt even knwo what my friends where doing the whole time i had started to trip, she then said there is an animimal right next to me!! and i jumped off the sofa and started to look for it and saw nothing, she then said it ran into the kitchen next to the frige, my friends then started to look for it and tearing up the kitchen they riped off a shelf of the wall and the one next to the sink and found nothing, then i started to trip even more everything felt like a dream i all light (prob from the weed) and istoped shaking i was realy tursty so i dranked some water, then my friends gf whent crazy and said the animal was on her and i still didnt see it, she ran to the bathroom and got naked =) and jumped in the shower ofcourse we all whent to see her in the shower pretending to care what was going on with her... =P i then got tired of looking at her cause her bf and the other kid where fealing up on her and i didnt want to take part in that, i then sat back down where she was siting and i fucking saw a fucking back fuzzy thing run into the sofa. i really didnt get scared or nothing cause i knew i was triping, i looked at the clook agien and it was 11:45am and i was like wtf so i whent outside and looked up at the sky and i saw half night with stars and the other half day i also saw falling stars and i was like wtf, i then got kinda sick and felt like trowing up so i whent back in and everyone was back siting down doing what ever they was doing then my friends gf asked her bf and the other kid for a cig and they said no so she asked me and i gave it to her she then said that i was the nicest person ever and that i was her best friend, i said np and sat down and started to think.. the shit i started to think off was so fucking freaky that i started to get get scaredi looked at the clook agien and it was now 12:45pm i was like wtf is up with the time being 45, so i was like fuck it i looked at the tv and there was some alien show with bugs bunney they where saying something to each other and i dont remember what ealse they did but i looked at the clook agien and it was now 1:45 pm and i asked my friends why did the time change and they said that they was talking to me but i didnt say nothing and that i was just siting there looking at the black tv, i looked back at the tv and it was off and they said to me that the tv was off the whole time. i then looked up at the celing and it was moving like magets so i closed my eyes and then looked at the clock and it was 2:45 closed them agien and it was 3:45 and i was omfg wtf is going on then i keep thinkg about life and that i had to go to night school at 5pm and when i started to think about that i think i allmost died cause i thought that i was in a never ending dream and that what if i was allready dead and that i didnt know it or if i was sleeping but was actually in a coma so i freaked out and ran out side to try to wake up my friend and hes friend ran out there and i think there trip was done so they chilled me out and i whent back in by then my trip was allmost gone the fuzzyness and the moving things i keep seen in the corner of my eyes where starting to go away i i then looked at the clook on more time and it was 4:45 and as i took my eyes away from the clook everything whent back to normal as if when ur leg or arm falls sleep and u feal needels (trip) and then all of the sudden when ur arm aint sleep no more it feals fine, well thats what i kinda felt and my friend said that thats what happend to him 2 and so did to everyone ealse, i then smoked one last joint b4 going to school with my friend and as we got done smoking it hes dad came home and we said bye to him and whent off to school

I know i cant spell and that i problably did a lot of run ons but if u read it all thats what happend, it was more fun experiencing it than trying to type it out.. peace and happy tripings

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