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My first time tripping, me, and my bosses girlfriend went over to another friend of mine that had mushrooms.

My first time tripping, me, and my bosses girlfriend went over to another friend of mine that had mushrooms. We bought a quarter for 50$(split between us). She was saving her share to eat with my boss, but I ate mine right there in my friend's house. My friend had informed me that it would take roughly 30 minutes to start feeling it. Well, 30 minutes passed, and nother. An hour passed, and nothing. So he said they were "bunk," and gave me back my share of the money! I went home to my apartment that I shared with my girlfriend at that point, and called up a friend to play DoomII over the modem. We started playing, and I was wasting him. About 30 minutes into the game, I was sitting there, concentrating on the game one minute, and the very next thing I know, it feels like I'm sitting on a cushion of air! I typed to my friend that I had to leave. I got off the computer, and went to the bathroom, and when I looked in the mirror, my eyes were on big pupil! There was absolutely no color left to them. At this point, I started seeing some mild distortions. I went back into the living room, and caught myself staring at a wall that had a calendar on it, and I noticed that the calendar was breathing! Not long after that, the entire wall was breathing in time with me. I'm not sure how long I watched the wall breath, but then I heard a key in the door, and in walks my girlfriend. She came in, and I tried to act natural, (she disapproved of those kinds of things), but I think my staring at the wall must have been a little conspicuos because the beckoned me over. I tried avoiding her eyes, but she got a look, because she said "you're fucked up aren't you?" At this point, I made the mistake of thinking what she said was enormously funny, because I started laughing uprariously. Needless to say, she was not impressed, and asked me how much weed I'd smoked. I informed her in a no-nonsense way that it wasn't weed, it was shrooms. This made her mad enough not to talk to me -- but that was ok, I was happy with my own company at the time. After about 20 minutes, she decided she needed my company, so she started talking to me again, only getting upset when I would comment on how cool her hair looked when she move her head, or how much I dug the tracers behind her hand when she moved it. At some point during the conversation with her, I became enthralled with the carpet, because I was seeing the coolest designs swirling in the carpet. I commented on this, and asked her if she liked them, and she primly informed me that she wasn't tripping. At this point, I decided to take a trip outsise, but before I did, I logged onto the computer, and got on my favorite MUD with a friend of mine. Needless to say, I can't remember very much, I just know I died, and lost all of my equipment (for those of you familiar with mudding, you'll know what I mean):) After logging off, I decided to return to my original idea, and go outside. I sat down on the couch, and put on a slipper (at the same time admiring the way the slipper put itself in my feet with little or no effort from me. I swore that the slipper changed size to fit just right). Then I looked across the room (roughly 10 feet away) and saw my other slipper. Things get a little hazy here, but I do remember my girlfriend remarking that it took me 15 minutes to walk 10 feet and get my other slipper. Then her and I went out into the yard, and I enjoyed the way the grass parted for me to give me a place to lay down. I was laying down, looking up at a tree noticing how the limbs of the tree were bending just like elbows! I watched the tree dance for awhile before deciding to head back inside. Once again, my girlfriend was somewhat agitated by the fact that, in the middle of winter, I stood in the doorway watching the calendar breathe for about 10 minutes, with the door wide open. After that, I started to come down, the only last thing of note, is on the trip to the store (she drove) I had to sit up in my seat and watch the road as it passed by. I can't remember why I did this, or what I saw, I just know I did. That's about the end of it. Regrets? None, other than the fact that at the time I had such a prude of a girlfriend, who took some of the enjoyment out of it, (tho not much). That was two years ago, and the first and only time I've tried shrooms. I plan on finding some here again soon, altho this time I'm going to pick them, AND I have a girlfriend who wishes to try them with me. I'll post again and tell ya how it was!!

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