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First Trip..Kinda

I'm writting this as I'm tripping.

I'm writting this as I'm tripping. It was my first time eating shrooms, but I've triped sorta off weed before. Anyway, right now I'm feeling really bouncy and kinda stoned. It's almost like a weed buzz, but I'm not as slow and things aren't so murky. I ate a bit of a stem and about half a cap dried. I'm not sure what the exact mass of what I took was though. Everything's got sort of a yellowish hue to it, which happened to me on my pot trip.

The last trip was bad, it freaked me out, I thought I was dying, but with this one I'm feeling very euphoric. Try listening to early Black Sabbath when you're tripping too. The stoned part I mentioned earlier is like this: I'm not overly focused, as you can probably tell by the lack of coherency in this post, I'm glazing a little bit, but at other times my eyes dart around. I had some caffine before this too, which might have something to do with my energy levels. I'm going to experiment with some magick this evening, if anything! weird happens, I'll be sure to write about it. -Therion

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