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first trip....WACKED!!!

i had mushrooms before this but i only had like 5 at a time and felt shit all.

i had mushrooms before this but i only had like 5 at a time and felt shit all...still a cool buzz though.. well me and my mate had been trying to get some shrooms ever sine i herd about them, we finally collected enough to trip right before the end of the season.We went back to a mates place and started boiling them up, i drunk my tea and went into the lounge to wait for them to come on. within about 15 minutes i felt that weird energy feeling in my gut and within like half an hour i was trippen balls so was my mate,the other guys were gettin drunk as so i decided to go chill in my mates room for a while, when i tried to walk it felt like i kinda drunk but my senses were going fully nuts, i tried to play playstation but i couldent concentrate on shit, i was thinking at a million miles an hour, my other mates came in and one was stoned as and the other was drunk, it was buzzy as cos we were all on different buzzes, i felt fucked up i could hear everything and see everything,it felt like i was living all these diffent lives at once in my head and i could hear voices and shit and when someone sed somthin gi would think whole trains of thought within like a second,time wsa going soo slow i felt fucked up and i wanted to go to sleep so i turned of the light and lay down on the couch it took me about 10 minutes to get my balket on propery i had to fight with it i jus lay there trippen balls hard out listen to my ugly mate devin tlak about how pussy i was cos i couldnt handle the trip. people kept coming into the room and telling me to get up but i wsa like,na i gta sleep. then devin came in and was telling me how pussy i was and he wanted to fight me i felt like i could rip him to bits in a second and he was really fucking me off anyway when i got my sanity back i went back out to the lounge and sat down i felt like id been in that room forever and learnt all these great life lessons, devin and this other dude were playfighting next to me and i was trying to figure out why the world even had violance it seemd so pointless and stupid, i still couldnt tlak so much so i jus sat there laughing my ass of at everything it all seemd so funny and everything look like it was animated by this unknown force, trippy as, for the rest of the night me and my mates jus sat there talkin n shit i felt so happy that id finally had my shrooms. all in all it was fucken insane but now i have to wait a whole year for more :( ahh well peace out keep shroomin ya'll

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