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first trip a success

i had been really anxious to try shrooms since my friend had already taken them before and highly recommended them.

i had been really anxious to try shrooms since my friend had already taken them before and highly recommended them. so we finally get our hands on some [they are not to easy to get in this town], 2 grams each. and its me, vigus: the experienced friend, and chuck: another amateur to the magical world of fungus. so me and vigus are in this girl karna's car and we're splitting up the mushrooms we had. chuck had already taken his shrooms about 15 minutes earlier and was laughing his ass off in his truck behind us. he was tailgating us and karna was getting pissed but he was having a good time despite. so we all get to Cecily's about 10 minutes after and chuck still isnt tripping, he's still in the giggling stage. me and vigus take our 2.5 grams at cecily's and i immediately started feeling giddy in the restaurant. the first effect of the shrooms came instantly, a feeling of intense calm and peace with myself and my surroundings. we all were walking down the street to this spot on the shore of the ocean. chuck is kind of bugging out at people walking by. and im feeling more or less like i just smoked a bowl of weed. we go down and sit on an upside boat on the shore and smoke two bowls. at this time me and vigus werent tripping, it had only been 15 minutes since we ate them. but chuck had started his gradual ascent up mushroom mountain. he kept saying that he say a man in the sand, and the the sand was shifting all about. when he got the piece he seemed to forget about it and just observe. we had to urge him to smoke it. at this time i felt an incredible calm, and as if i was seeing things for the first time. but i was not tripping yet in anyway. we decided to walk around the village. our first intention was to get to Blackie's house. we walked for about 20 minutes and ended up just sittin on a curb. this is when the trip first started to kick in. i noticed a great oak at first and thought it looked very out of place since it was the only tree in the yard. i walked up to it and felt it, amazed with the texture and amazed that this was something that had grown out of the ground. i started talking to it, wanting to be friends but realized i sounded silly and stopped. then i lied down in the grass, and id look at teh branches above me and saw birds flying out of my focus. when i turned to look theyd be gone, but as soon as i focused on something else id see them again. we realized wed been laying down for about 10 minutes before we remembered we were trying to get somewhere. so we start walking again and i am in a wonderful state of mind. we get to the corner of the block and i see a mailbox and make comments like "this mailbox shouldnt be here, he belongs on another block. why wont he go back where he belongs, he is an imposter." and i actually kicked the mailbox once saying "lets kick him back to where he belongs". chuck and vigus got a kick out of this as did i. it had been about an hour since me and vigus took our shrooms, and an hour and a half since chuck had his. we walked back the way we came and decided to get to Anthony's beach. however, after walking for about another hour, and after continuously forgetting where, and how to get where we were going, we stopped. this was when our peak started. i looked at a puddle and the branches in the puddle were swaying and i was realizing so many things. i think one of mushroom's characteristics is allowing you to appreciate what you take for granted every day. i was talking alot at this point, and me and vigus were talking and we were both in a very insightful state of mind. however this is when chuck started to get a tad annoying. he was really confused and kept saying "dude, we shouldnt be here." and "are we allowed here?". and at this point in our trip me and vigus had realized that people cannot be stopped from going anywhere, that we are born to this world, and that our bodies are our temples and that we have the freedom and choice to be wherever we like, and that another seperate being cannot bend or break that freedom of choice in anyway. so we are annoyed and telling chuck that he's being rediculous. so we sit on this stonewalll in front of someone's house [its amazing how carefree you get on shrooms] and smoke a bowl. chuck doesnt smoke because he is already overwhelmed with the shroom experience. its about 2 and a half hours into our trip and we decide to walk again. i was having a wonderful trip, though i actually didnt have many visuals besides the ones i had already mentioned. we kept seeing people and chuck said that a lady had been scared of us and ran away. this was rediculous and vigus gave him a little smack back into reality. we then walked to karna's house and hung out there for a while. i was coming down, but still tripping. karna's mom gave us spaghetti [i think] but we all couldnt focus on just eating the pasta. i forgot about it completely but when i looked at vigus he would start to eat by getting the noodles on his fork, but before he could get them in his mouth he would be holding the noodles in front of his face and staring into them saying "it looks like a forest". he was also in a great place, saying things like "im feeling parts of my body ive never felt before". after awhile we got to vigus's house and we were still midly tripping. our trip had lasted about 6 hours and i could not imagine a better first time experience. it was the perfect blend of not eating too much, but still having a great experience for a first time tripper.

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