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First Trip - Night of Excitement

This was my first time doing mushrooms, and I had waited so long to do them, no one had them in MD, the demand was incredibly high.

This was my first time doing mushrooms, and I had waited so long to do them, no one had them in MD, the demand was incredibly high. So... On my visit to texas this week i decided to go mushroom hunting in a cow field. I came back with one huge mushroom of cubensis which was the only mushroom I could find. I dried it and I estimated it to be about 4-5 dry grams, but I think i was wrong, it must have been about 2 grams or maybe It just wasnt as potent. Anyways...

I waited till 11pm, the anticipation was high. I made 2 peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches and broke off pieces of the cap and put them in both sandwichs. I couldnt taste the mushrooms but I could feel the texture, it was so sick. I couldnt finish the last 2 bites of the 2nd sandwich because I just wasnt hungry, and i began to get nautious, it took me about an hour to slowly eat the sandwiches haha.

I had alot of equipment gathered in my laptop case because i wanted to walk to the beach, this is included cd player, notepad, laptop, camcorder, cell phone, etc.

I snuck out of my house at around 12:20,( I logged my trip while I was tripping so I know exactly what the times were.) the stairs to the basement were not lit, I couldnt find the light switch and it was sooo scary walking down the steps, but i eventually made it. I exited the house with my headphones on but no music yet, I wanted to get away from the house and then I'd play my music. On my way to the beach the effects started to hit...

Thin blue auras were illuminating from every porch light I saw. The headlights of cars illuminated a rainbow type aura. And the moon illuminated a copy of itself, the copy was twice as big as the moon and over lapped the moon itself, the illuminated copywas opaque though so you could see the actual moon behind it. This really fascinated me. I had to cross the highway to make it to the beach, and I remember the red blinking lights at the intersection and the cars passing, it was a really risky thing to do but when I thought there were no cars around I crossed. I made it to the beach, I saw cars parked. I got a little worried because I thought to myself(hmmm, must be late night partiers, and they might fuck with me), so I walked about 150 feet away from them and sat on a nearby log next to the shore. I drew a picture of the shore, I looked at it the next morning and it was the funniest thing I had ever seen, I am an artist myself but this looked like a 2 year old drew it hahah. I occasionally logged my trip on my laptop when I thought neccesary. Some guy walked passed me and obnoxiously shun is flashlight right in my eye, what an asshole. Then I went for a walk, this guy in a golf cart followed me for a while, I got really sketched out. I remember walking thorugh the ripples of the water, and the water flowing bac into the ocean and I thought I was floating in the air, it was an awesome feeling.

Finally I decided to leave.

When cars would pass me, I'd walk towards a random person house to make it look like i lived there so no one would mess with me. Seems a little paranoidish doesnt it? Well this one guy in a truck stopped when he saw me, but drove of when he saw me walking towards the front door of this guys house, it was really scary, and I was sketched that someone in that house would be like "who the hell are you?".

I walked down the street some more, and i saw 2 kids with a long tube setting fire works off. I walked up to them in initiate conversation because I was lacking sociability because i was visiting my dad in texas and had only been talking to my family. They sounded high so I asked them, they were indeed high(small world eh?). I told them I was tripping on mushrooms and they were shocked to know that I had found some, let alone found them myself and dried them. The firework lit, and backfired through the tube and exploded in my face, It scared the hell out of me seeing pieces of light fly at me! We didnt light anymore after that. It was wierd, I didnt even know these people and we were hanging out, heh. I met his family outside on the porch, some kid was playing the guitar and asked if i knew how to play. I sat down, not knowing if I could play while tripping, the guitar strings looked crazy. I have been playing for 3 years and would consider myself pretty good. I played stairway to heaven, light my fire, breathe, brain damage, purple haze, alot of crazy things. How cool is this? I'm walking by, meet these high kids, their parents set me down in a chair and hand me a Les Paul and im playing through this amp at 3:00am in the morning as they sing to it. it felt really awesome. As we parted ways i thanked everyone for the good time and i walked away with a huge smile on my face.

I made it back to my house and stepped on some dog shit on the way in, damnit! Haha. I went online to talk to a fellow shroomery member. I told him I'd be back in 5 minutes, heh, more like 3 hours it was. I went to wake up my little sister and begged her for about 30 minutes to come outside on the 3rd floor deck to spend some time with me while i was tripping. I tricked her into thinking there were aliens in her room staring at me so she finally got freaked out and came out with me. She is 15. We went out on the deck and just talked for a couple hours, it was cool, I found out more stuff about her and her life. We watched the stars and the fire works that were going off, it was techincally 4th of July so I guess insomniacs were lighting fire works off.

We called some people and left messages that didnt make sense. We finally went downstairs and I got on the computer and went to www.larrycarlson.com which is a crazy messup site that will freak you out if your tripping. My sister went to bed finally and I stayed up for 1 more hour. I think I had around a level one trip because I only had mild visuals, I didnt see much at all, only the foor moving a little bit and the eiling melting/waving around. I was very dissapointed, the whole reason I wanted to trip was because I wanted to hallucinate and see obejects that were not existing in reality. There will be other experiences though. I finally went to bed, I saw a blur of some close eyes visuals, but I eventually got bored and mad at the fact that I wasnt tripping too much and went to bed. My trip lasted around 5 hours. I woke up totally burnt and slept throughout the day. But all in all I had an amazing time, I just have to eat more next time. I mainly got into incredibly deep thought and I was in a total "mind fuck" as they would call it. Happy Tripping.

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