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The "Great" British

After reading some the current trip reports posted here, I feel inclined to share one of the better trips I have experienced.

After reading some the current trip reports posted here, I feel inclined to share one of the better trips I have experienced.

Now, I live in the UK, in an area that has a great abundance of liberty cap magic mushrooms. So after a hard day at work and a delivery of 3 grams of freshly picked shrooms, I decide that half of these would make a great desert after my main meal.

So having consumed all that was needed, I settle down infront of the television and prepare myself for a night of fun.

After about 2 hours I'm feeling a bit bored, but none the less slightly stoned (that sort of feeling after a couple of tokes on the bong)and decide to retire to my bed. This was when the fun started.I lay on my back with the duvet pulled up to my chin when I notice that the room has slightly changed shape, the normally straight and square lines of the walls meeting the ceiling seemed to be at very odd angles and this grabbed my attention for some time (how long I cant be sure). This was only the beginning.

The next phase always brings a smile to my face because upon rolling to my side I'm faced with my alarm clock, now for some reason I look at it with one eye closed and the damned thing seemed to be just inches from my face, so to remedy this I shut that eye and open the other and to my amusement the thing is 6 feet away. So for the next 2 hours I lay there just opening and shutting my eyes... right, left, right, left, big, small, big, small.

I then had a moment of clarity that made me realise what I was doing so I gave up and just looked at the ceiling trying not to get distracted by the rythmic ticking of the clock, when I felt my head start to float from the rest of my body. This was WIERD!

Not only, when I wiggled my toes, could I feel it, but I could see the duvet moving from the positon where my head seemed to be. No matter where I seemed to look the perspective was from that elevated position. Again how long this lasted I have no idea.

Eventually I fell asleep and had some truly screwed up dreams and awoke the next morning feeling more relaxed than I had in weeks and the guys at work got a real chuckle when told of the last nights antics.

I must add that this was one of the good trips and I have had real bad ones as well but they're stories for another day

Happy tripping ...... dweller (UK)

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