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First trip (homegrown Equador)

I don't remember what day it was but it was around 3:00 PM.

I don't remember what day it was but it was around 3:00 PM. I took all the small aborts and crap from my cake...I got about a handful of them. I've never tripped off anything before and the only other "drug" I tried was weed. But I smoked lots of it. So anyway I munched down the tiny pieces after cleaning the vermiculite off of them. I drank some orange juice with it and waited. I waited about 30 minutes before I ran out of patience and went to smoke some bowls. I didn't feel like goin outside so I just smoked in my bathroom. I took about 3 hits...real good weed too. And that's when I forgot about me tripping. That's when I know it's good...you only catch urself tripping after it's over...but while it's going you forget reality and the fact that you took shrooms. So anyway I down on the toilet and just spaced out! I mean I was talkin to myself in my head...every thought I had I said it out loud in my head with my own voice. Then i was asking myself if I'm talking to myself...then realized that I was talking to myself when I was asking if I was talking to myself. Sorry if you don't understand that. But yeh so eventually I got up...after about 45 minutes. And went to wash my hands...the water felt incredibly smooth and relaxing. Then I looked in the mirror. It was like a trigger and right when I saw my reflection my mind went off to analyze me. I saw myself from an outsiders perspective. I saw me the way other people see me...not in the way I thought other people saw me. I realized a lot of gay ass things about myself and it got me kinda depressed. I was pissed at myself for being so fake. From that moment on I was a changed person. But so anyway after I snapped out of it I realized how huge my pupils were. I went back in my room and every little thing had so much detail to it. I looked at a glass of Crush and it was the most beautiful orange I have ever seen. I went on the computer after words to do some nonsense bullshit. After that I can't really remember anything specific except that when I layed down on my bed the sheets were the most comfortable things ever. I was just rubbing my hands and feet and sliding them across the cool covers. I was laying in a cloud of bliss...like an orgasm for everythng but my penis. It felt very relaxing. After that I just went on pondering about shit trying to figure out if this state of mind will ever end. I thought that if I stayed thinking this way I would go insane very fast. But then it ended...and I actually missed it. So it was a very pleasent/mellow trip.

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