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First Trip

THe first time i ever did shrooms was 2 weeks ago.

THe first time i ever did shrooms was 2 weeks ago. Me and a bunch of friends went to go camping. We each have two grams of dry liberty caps. And yes they tasted horrible. The texture seemed to gag me and it was like chewing on styrafoam. Well anyways we did not put them in any food and ate them straight from the bag. I loved the sweet smell of the spores. I began eating them at about 11:00pm and waited for the affects o kick in. I was getting frustrated and people told me that you never trip on a first time so i was pissed. i stood up and it hit me. An extremly intense head rush and i heard sounds and whispering i started to freak out but my friend who is an experienced shroomer told me it wasnt real and calmed me down. After this i was happy. Although it was dark it seemed like a sunny day because of the lightposts on the nearby street. Scary thoughts came into my head but were very easy to ignore. i thoguht of life and living things as we started walking to a stage where people were playing guitars. The sound of the guitar was visible and it wrapped around me and felt sticky, i dont know how to explain this felling but it was pretty cool. i then started walking with my friends comenting on every little weird thing i saw. They kept saying that it wasnt real and that id be better in about 4 hours. This thoguht hit me hard. i would be messed up for the next 4 hours and every minute seemed like 10 minutes to me. i felt very awake and these thoughts soon withered away.i saw a lady holding a dog and the dog seemed to morph in to the lady making an odd creature. THe trees were waving at me and i waved back. i thoguht to myself why the hell am i waving at trees? But this seemed to make sense in a way. i thoguht tthat i should respect the trees by waving because they created opxygen we needed to breath. The rest of my Trip was a bit of a blurr, and im not sure if i want to partake in the ingestion of anymore spores. Mabye ill stick to Lady Mary for a while before i try it again.

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