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First timers ( i wish i did more )

To start it off, me and my friend (we will refer to him as Ari), decided to take shrooms early on in the week (around monday).

To start it off, me and my friend (we will refer to him as Ari), decided to take shrooms early on in the week (around monday). We had planned it all for friday and decided to throw lots of money together and buy almost an ounce of shrooms. We gave the guy the money to get it for us on Friday around 3:30 and we didnt get our magic medicine until around 8:45. We were in a hurry so we decided to just eat them in the car.. bad idea. Ari eats a little more than an eighth right away, taking them down with water. I was less fortunate. I didnt expect them to taste so delicious (sarcasm), so when i threw a cap into my mouth, the vomit errupted like a volcanic blast. Luckily, the car was okay, and i was drenched in vomit that smelled like shit. I decided to dip the shrooms in ranch, which now, i cant eat ranch. I ate only around a gram, because I couldnt handle the taste with just water and ranch dressing. Ari is driving so hes starting to trip balls, and i just think the entire things humerous. I started feeling pretty good and after our thirty mile drive on the highway, we ended up by our destination. At this time Ari cant handle it, hes freaking out. I think its kinda funny but wish I was seeing the same shit he was. We stop at a stop light and we both hear a jingle of keys. We both turn around and see some loser in a blue polo walk across the street while cars are flying bye. He walks straight into the woods, it was fucking hilarious. We then parked and Ari decides that he is no longer human, and has morphed into a more, exquisite creature, a squid. We hear the sounds of sirens (which turns out to be a car alarm) and we freak out. Ari declares hes not going to jail tonight, and puts the keys in the car and starts driving about a block. He then turns to me and says “Am I driving?” He pulls over and starts laying down and just mumbling about random stuff. This is when I start to look around. I notice in one house something that looks like a Christmas tree that is dancing around. It was very scary so I tell Ari we gotta get the fuck outa here. He gets up and we stare at eachother in the eyes, which at this point, were just dark black holes. He drives by this school that he says turned into a graveyard with dead bodies crawling out of the ground. We park infront of our friends house (we will call him Bub), Ari starts seeing many different shades of colors and things, and we decide to stare at the sky. The stars looked as if they were bouncing forward and backwards and side to side. The clouds were moving almost 10x as fast as usual. We started seeing a few other minor things then decided our trip was almost over. On the way back to my house I felt like someone was chasing me the entire time, and I saw a pack of 5 dogs. Ari drops me off at my house and I run inside and dash into my covers to make sure that I don’t look at the ceiling (it was scary), so I hid in my covers for about an hour till I dozed off into a steady sleep. It was one crazy fucking night. I just wish I had taken more… if I ever take them again there is no way I am eating them (I will have to put them in pills and swallow them, I cant handle that fucking taste). Have fun shroomin’

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