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First timer

My first time on shrooms was a blast, and I'll be growing my own now because they are kind of expensive.

My first time on shrooms was a blast, and I'll be growing my own now because they are kind of expensive.

* Description of Mindset & Setting
setting: familiar; mindset: stoned
* Details of any preparations made for the experience
only preparation was smoking a joint
* Dosage & Timing Information
ate approx. 1/16 oz. in less than 10 min.
* Preparation Method
shrooms were purchased dried and ate raw
* Notes on other foods or medicines that could have also played a role in your experience.
empty stomach. had not eaten all day.
* approximate Body Weight, Gender, Age
135 lbs. male 24 years 9 months

My friend Eric, and I split an eighth of an ounce. He bought them so naturally he ate a bit more. We ate them in my car parked outside of his house (I dared not drive :). We then decided to walk to another of our friends (Angie) house (about 3/16th of a mile or 12 min. walk). During the walk I could slowly feel them starting to work. I felt drunk at first, but after we arrived at Angie's, and i sat down I felt normal. about 15 min. past and I noticed Eric's pupils were HUGE (iris was just a thin ring around a black hole :). And then we started laughing. Eric laughed so much he could not roll the joint that went to Angie's house to smoke, and she had to roll it. Standing outside her house smoking the joint neither my friend nor I could stop moving. He was jumping around like a Kangaroo, and my arms and hands were all over the place. I kinda reminded myself of Capt. Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. after that we went back inside and actually held a conversation. The dosage didn't seem to effect out cognitive ability.

After our visit with out friend we started walking back to Eric's house. We thought about going in to the Kroger store, but upon seeing an elderly man exiting the store, and laughing uncontrollably we decided it was not a good idea. My glasses were greasy from work, and the lights in the parking lot were glaring on them. I knew it was NOT a hallucinogenic reaction, but I thought it was the coolest thing at the time. We then came to a dark part of our walk and I kept stopping thinking I was about to walk in to a fence.

After we got back to Eric's house we started watching the movie Bongwater. He made some frozen pizza. I could not eat it even though I was on an empty stomach. I'd bite off a little and chew it for what seemed like forever. After the movie was over our trip was pretty much over. I described it to my friend as "Every kind of fucked up I ever wanted to be."

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