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first time.........and last

Well it was last nite i got 40gram fresh i took half about 11.

Well it was last nite i got 40gram fresh i took half about 11.30am about 20min later i went out to play football and i was normal, after that i got in my house and things started looking very diffrent it was amazin loved every bit i was that happy i went out to cut my freinds grass it took me not long because i was loving it,dont know why!i live near lots of trees and i must of stared at them for ages without thinking who sees me, so finaly i was starting to feel normal and i ran through what i had just experienced so about 10min later i took the rest in hot tea this time i have pictures up on my wall they were full of parterns things were going good but my dad was comming in soon and i started pannic'n i looked in the mirror and i thought i swallowed my toungh yes my breaving was so dead i tryed to remember my freinds number but it was like it was not ment to happen i was like well im dien finnaly i got the number cryed for help and when i put the fone down i thought did i even speak to her!she came and i went to her house and lay in her bed freaking out wanting it to stop it was the worst thing that happened to me after it was going fine i was in no sense when i looked at my hands they looked liked webed hands anyway next time il try and not think about anything because dien is scary on they things peace.....

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