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First time. Nice and mellow. I am LSAuser

Hello first let me state the essential info.

Hello first let me state the essential info. I weigh 140lbs, am 5'8 and 20/m
This is my first time tripping on shrooms. I consumed them fresh and they were the B+ strain. The night on 11-12, I was thinking of tripping but figured maybe the shrooms will grow bigger also the veil didn't break yet. I checked at 3am and some of their veils had opened but the night was almost over so I figured they will wait for tomorrow night. I woke up at 9am and checked again and the shrooms were getting quite ripe. They could not wait much longer in their fresh state. I had a dream before I woke that the worms had made their home in the shrooms. LOL such a worry wart aren't I? I was tired so went back to sleep. I woke again at 2pm and waited for my dad to do errands before consuming *****18.1 wet grams of B+ at 3:40.****** I chewed them strait. They tasted musty but not bad at all. I took a sip of orange juice to mask the musty taste and chewed. No problem getting them all down. Guess they don't taste so bad when eaten fresh.
20 min later I started feeling buzzed/stoned/numb I continued surfing the net and tried to just chill. An hour later I am like where's the visuals? I looked at the wooden bed post and noticed the reflection of light seemed to move horizontally along the crevice. Also the lights were much brighter, but that's explained logically due to dilated pupils. I figured it wasn't enough so at 5:20 pm I ate an additional 6.2 grams to bring the total to 24.3 wet grams. I logged offline so I could relax and look around.
20 min after eating the additional shrooms, I felt them hit me! I got a little more stoned and went to the bathroom to take a leak. I then noticed everything was really detailed. A lot of people notice the same as well. I looked at the rug and could see every fiber. It was like I had excellent vision. When looking at the towel I saw what made up the towel! I wasn't seeing anything move yet so I figured I need to relax. I stared at the wall for a few seconds and it appeared to slightly breathe! It stuck outwards and then inwards a few inches! I then looked at the air-condition vent and it appeared to be suspended in the air, a foot from the wall!
I then sat on the rug and looked at the wood grain cabinet shutters below the sink. The wood grain was sticking out like 3-D and very high contrast. The blacks were super dark and the browns also. Then I noticed the shutters breathing! It was moving slowly in and out about an inch. It looked like it was being bent inwards then outwards! I stayed in the bathroom for half hour looking at everything slowly breath. The rug fibers were slowly moving up and down! It was subtle but enough to notice quite easily. I am not complaining since B+ is not a very potent strain and I only had 24 wet grams which is less than an eighth if dried. I hear you need at least an eight to really trip.
I walked around enjoying the trip. I looked at the fridge and it seemed wide. I was having mild perspective distortions. Objects were about 20% larger or smaller than they should be. The ceiling seemed slanted with one corner being a foot higher. I also felt half a foot taller at one point. There was a perma smile on my face the first 3 hours of the trip. Everything was funny. Looking at a wall was funny. Looking at the comics was very funny. The characters seemed bold and almost lifelike. When I read them it had a dream like quality. Everything was surreal and dreamlike. I took a shower and it felt relaxing and cleansing.
After the shower I turned the lights off in my room and sat on the chair. The dark proved much trippier and I noticed the light under and from around the closed door was moving vertically. The door was breathing slightly and also I could see the lights vibrate horizontally like a guitar string! I also noticed the led from my TV VCR which was on channel 02 was emitting flashes of red light towards me. Kinda like glare really. I also noticed the glow in dark stars were actually moving around slowly and swapping positions! I turned on the black light and it cased an eerie glow of darkness across my bedroom! This actually stopped all movement. I turned it off and stuff begins to breathe again. Weird. I also noticed stray fractals around the room, like flashes of light. At one point there was a thin vertical white flash from ceiling to floor!
I probably left out some minor details, but that pretty much sums it! The trip gradually ends at 10pm, at least the visuals do. At midnight I feel completely sober again with nice memories! I am gonna try 40 wet grams next time for some really intense visuals. Much more than slight breathing. I am hopefully looking for something dramatic like stuff totally melting, seeing rainbow fractals swirl over the walls and maybe even objects forming mouths and talking to me, and holographs walking around! Oh yea almost forgot, I didn't really have audio hallucinations. Although I did have some sounds play in my mind. I would put this trip at level 1.5 since I had mild visuals. Level 1 means no visuals, just a stoned feeling. Level 2 is moderate visuals and level 3 is intense visuals. Level 4 begins partial ego loss with some vivid hallucinations and level 5 is total ego loss with pure hallucinations. Any questions or comments, email me acemanvx@yahoo.com

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