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"The Psychadelic Veil and Synthesized Sounds"

Every year I go on vacation w/ my fam.

Every year I go on vacation w/ my fam. and rent an ocean front beach house south of OBX. In preparation for the vacation I bought an 1/2 ounce of weed, 2 handles of Vodka, and after doin extensive research, I thought I'd try shrooms while I was down there because the scenery is beautiful. I bought an eighth and a half of shrooms, which I noticed had small caps (biggest about the size of a dime)and was kind of broken up. The guy I bought it off of said that I should take 1/3 of the bag each time. I knew that this was a small amount but I decided to follow his expertise. So I took 1/3 of the amount out and sprinkled a pinch over a spoonful of yogurt until the entire does was done. I personally didn't find that the shrooms tasted bad, but that they smelled pretty nasty and they're texture in your mouth was AWFUL!!! So anyways, after about 30 min I was downstairs watching T.V. when I noticed I felt extremely stoned, thats it, no visuals nadda. So I went outside and smoked a bowl, then came back in and laid down on my parents' waterbed. I suddenly felt like my body was made out of lead and I couldn't move. Thats when I noticed what I thought was a ringing in my ears, slowly it became louder until it sounded like strange synthesized music playing in my head... it was awesome! It sounded kinda like really early Pink Floyd music (i.e. Ummagumma Album). Still not seeing any visuals I started making "whooshing" noises like blowing wind w/ my mouth and I noticed that it sounded like it was fading in and out like it was wind blowing threw a tunnel or sumthin. This array of natural music and sounds kept me entertained for quite some time until I got up out of the bed and went downstairs again. As I was leaving the rooms looked at myself in mirror and saw that my pupils were huge and that my face looked really red. i don't know if this was cause my high blood pressure, or if I was just imagining it, but it kinda freaked me out. While I was walking down the stairs I noticed that the carpeting had what seemed to be a clear veil covering it that when I stared at it for a couple of seconds would take the design of the carpet and start changin into neon colors like red, pink and green. This neon outline then began to intermesh like the carpet in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, although not to that extreme.I thought mushrooms would make actual object look like they were swirling, however I only saw this "veil" do so. Finally my friend and I decided to go out to the beach and while walking to the water, the indenations in the sand began to look like mouths w/ no faces, kinda like the face that pops out of the wall in Pink Floyd's The Wall movie, with no eyes though; however, after blinking my eyes a couple of times this illusion went away. I then relaxed in a beach chair under an umbrella and I noticed that the "synthesized music" had stopped, but my leg hair still had the "psychadelic veil" which made my hair turn into neon red, pink and orange. Eventually even my mild visualizations had ceased and I was left with a calm and sleepy vibe. The sleepiness might have been caused by the weed, because usually I get really tired after the high wears off. I lost track of time during my trip, but it felt like it didn't last that long. I have 2/3 of the bag left, or about an 1/8th, and next time I will try taking it all at once.

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