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First Time, wonderful

Last night, or this morning rather, was the first time i've tripped on shrooms.

Last night, or this morning rather, was the first time i've tripped on shrooms. I've read about them alot on this site before hand and was really excited. We took one chocolate each at around 12:40, however i have heard that vitiman C increases the affect and i took pill with 2500% vitiman C that morning not intentionally for the shrooms tho, and about 20 minutes later decided to stop by quicktrip to pick up some freezonies before they hit. My friend had done them before so he drove because we were scared they might hit while driving, which they did while we were waiting in line. The drive home was pretty tight only because i didnt really know what to expect as far as visuals go and there was so much to look at. We get home and go upstairs to my 2 other sober friends on the computer.
My friend had brought a strobe light and disco ball which we immediately plugged in. My friend called 2 of his buds to come over and chill, who were tweaking at the time. we talked with them for a while, all the time the visuals were getting more intense, and at about 2:30 my friend wanted to go in and sleep rather than go on a walk on the golfcourse with us. while on the golfcourse i had the sense that everything was its own layer not connected to anything, but at the same time working together with all other layers. for example i had a cigarrette and i could feel the smoke inside my body seperated from the stomache wall. we came home and talked in my basement for a good while until around 4:00, at which time they left and i went upstairs to find out that my friend had thrown up. I proceeded to clean it up the best i could, and then went upstairs and lied in bed. This is when i began to think too much. Since i was by myself, i let my mind wander and thought about many things and started to feel like i was never going to stop tripping. I began narrating my own thoughts, putting ideas in order to contemplate to keep my mind busy. When i started getting nervous, however, i turned on the tv to distract me from thinking so much. I eventually fell asleep.

when i smoke i get reallly paranoid, but during my trip everything made an excuse for itself and i felt everything was fine, even when i was cleaning up my friends vomit i made jokes with him. i thouroughly enjoyed my first trip and plan and doing it again soon sometime, but next time i will not be alone at all.

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