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First time, went from lame to great...

This was my first time to shroom.

This was my first time to shroom. well i got a fair amount of cubensis from a friend, still fresh. i wasn't sure how much exactly i got, but the cap was about 2.5 inches wide and the stem was about 2.5 inches long. now knowing my dose kinda sucked, and i dont think i took enough. i ate the shrooms over a period of 20 minutes or so, taking pill sized chunks and swollowing them. i wish i would have just ate the whole mush all at once, since it seemed to have delayed my trip. i felt the body high first after about an hour, then it seemed to go away. i thought i was done, so i posted on here, saying i probly didn't eat anough or something was up. i waited two more hours and nothing happened at all, so i gave up hope. a half hour later, i decided not to waste the night so i took a four bar. 20 minutes later when the bar kicked in, boom, so did the shrooms. i was laughing my ass off histarically, it made no sense whatsoever. my buddy tok a bar earlier and he was acting like a total fool, stumbling around the room and shit, so i was laughing my ass of at him. i didn't really have many visuals, just felt kinda stoned. i laughed for like an hour strait and then it started to wear off. it was my first time taking a bar too, and it was really weird, i was in my own little world the whole night, just enjoying music and watching the colors move on the background of my computer. that is the only visual i really had, and it was hardly noticeable. next time im gonna up the dose and eat them dry. im guessing i probly ate1 and a half grams....

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