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First time, very young

A friend of mine who i'll call "G" and I were 15 the first time we took shrooms.

A friend of mine who i'll call "G" and I were 15 the first time we took shrooms. Still in Highschool; it was a Wednesday and we each ate about half an 1/8. In no proper mindset to go to the biggest highschool in the state (2800 or more students) we stayed at my house for the day. After about 30 minutes we were dissapointed cause we weren't tripping so we went to smoke some pot, WOW. I remember it was about 30 degrees outside but I felt so warm, I was wearing a long sleeve T-Shirt in windy freezing weather. We started running, it was the most enjoyable experience of my life. I couldn't tell were my legs ended and the ground began, for the first time in my life I felt like I was part of something HUGE. I felt connected to the rest of the Universe but it was more than just a physical way, it was wonderfull. The Visuals were present but not strong. Lines became blurred, colors were very bright, motions became choppy, and the space/time ratio fell way out of wack in my mind. Trees were the coolest things I had ever seen, i was fascinated by them.
After running for what felt like hours (in all actuality minutes) we went back to my house and played Mario3 on the Original Nintendo and listened to soooo much music. The Visuals soon became powerfull, everything around us was alive and breathing. Fascinated and terrified at the same time we do what anyone does when times get rough and confusing, smoke more weed. We smashed on food for a good while than went on to do other random activities. Although the visuals were interesting, I was way too fascinated by what my own mind was thinking about. Lost in my own mind I sorted out all sorts of things. It was strangem "G" and I did alot of things that day but we didn't need to talk much; communication existed on a differnt animal type level. Schrooms were a great new perspective on things but by no means a religious epiphany.

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